Four Months

4 Months

At four months, Norah:

  • Weighs just about 17lbs! She’s a smidgen heavier but slightly shorter than Isla was at the same age, but Norah’s right on track and more or less average.
  • Had her 4 month immunizations last Friday and handled them very well! She cried for maybe 5 seconds after the needles until the health nurse started blowing bubbles, then she was distracted by that and completely forgot that she just had two pokes. The nurse was impressed!
  • Has mastered rolling over! Nowadays when she gets bored of being on her back, she just rolls right over with no struggles. She’s only rolled back onto her back a couple of times so far, but I’m sure she’ll get that figured out soon!


  • Loves, LOVES not having any pants on! As soon as you take them off for whatever reason she gets super excited and starts kicking her legs like crazy, lol. She also loves being in the bath tub and splashing like crazy. I think I may have a future nudist on my hands ;)
  • Is drooling like crazy, but no signs of teeth just yet. I have a feeling she’ll teethe the same way as Isla did: teeth teasing her for 3 months before they actually show up. Time will tell, I suppose, but I feel bad for her because she’s obviously uncomfortable.


  • Have yet to start my Couch to 5K training. There are some serious motivation issues.
  • Hate my hair so much. It’s falling out like crazy and I’m starting to think that bald may be a good look for me. I was supposed to have a hair appointment next week but I cancelled it because it’s just falling out SO MUCH. I told my hair dresser I’d call her when I start to look like a human again.
  • Bought the girls matching jammies for our Christmas card photos. Now it’s just a matter of taking them, which will happen sometime next month. I have no idea what company I’m going to order them through though. I’ve used Vistaprint in the past but have a $20 off coupon for Shutterfly, so maybe I’ll try them? We’ll see!

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