Six Months

6 Months

At six months, Norah:

  • Weighs 18lbs, 5oz and is 27″ long, according to our appointment at the doctor’s office yesterday. She’s in the 90th percentile for weight and height, and weighs about the same as Isla did at 6 months. (Not sure about length though.) Also: She didn’t cry at her appointment this time, so that was a huge plus.
  • Still isn’t too sure about rice cereal but loves to suck on “real” food through her little mesh feeding things. So far she’s tried carrots, oranges, banana, and rice and really seems to enjoy it. I suppose if you were to “label” her venture into solids, you could call it Baby-led weaning. I’m not following any kind of a system or method; we’re just going with the flow.
  • Loves jumping in her exersaucer! We don’t really have the space for a Jolly Jumper, but she loves jumping in her spring-loaded exersaucer. I think she’s more entertained by the whole thing than Isla was.

Appropriate music.

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  • Can sit up on her own!
  • Met Santa and wasn’t 100% sure about him. She studied him for about a minute before she started crying. Luckily we got a photo of both her and Isla looking at the camera before tears started flowing.



  • Am about 2lbs away from being back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I’m totally blaming not being 100% back on being lazy and not exercising, and indulging way too much on holiday treats. (Totally my fault too. I just love to bake!)
  • Have found two little grey hairs on my head. I blame hormones and I sure hope they don’t stick around.
  • Hate that I haven’t started my Couch to 5K training yet. Maybe I’ll make it a New Year’s Resolution. *snort* The event I want to run is at the end of April, so that totally gives me lots of time to train, right?
  • Cannot wait for Christmas! Isla is really into it this year and understands Santa, so it’s a whole new level of magical for me.

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