Weekend Wrap-Up

Long weekends are wonderful, but even more so when it’s to honour those who served our country so we can enjoy our rights and freedoms as Canadians. Here’s what we got up do on this past Remembrance Day long weekend:


It *just barely* snowed Friday morning, but it was definitely safe to say that winter has finally arrived. Isla’s school had their Remembrance Day ceremony and her class was performing a song, so I headed over to watch that at her request. After school Isla had a friend come over to play for a little bit, and then the rest of the afternoon was spent lounging and being relatively lazy.


We opted to tackle our grocery shopping in the morning as Kyle’s dad was coming by for a visit in the afternoon. He and Kyle ended up going to run some errands, so the girls and I bunkered down and rented Hotel Transylvania 3.

I also managed to score my mom and I tickets to see the Backstreet Boys in Vancouver next summer! I was a diehard fan back when they first hit the scene in 1996(?) and went to their first world tour concert in Vancouver all those years ago, so I’m super excited to be going again almost 20 years later!



A while ago I had bought Isla and I tickets to see the Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker, so Sunday afternoon we finally got to go! It was a really wonderful performance and Isla loved every moment of it. The cool part was that local dance students were able to audition and be a part of the ballet, so Isla really enjoyed seeing some of her fellow dance-mates perform.


Sunday evening we had friends visit for a couple of hours, so we had a battle of Catch Phrase and it was hilarious!


Norah spoiled me by sleeping in until 7 am! Normally she’s up around 6, so when I woke up ON MY OWN just before 7 I was pretty elated.

I had decided that yesterday was going to be the day that I took our Christmas card photos, so I got our stuff together for that and headed off to the location I figured would work best. I like to *try* and do something different every year, but I can only imagine this is going to become more and more challenging as years go on. Either way, the girls were pretty cooperative (partially due to some stern coaching/warning from me), and I managed to get a few decent shots to choose from for our cards.

After that was done, we went down and visited my mom for lunch/the afternoon. It was sunny enough to scooter/walk down to the school so the girls could play, so it was nice to get outside and enjoy some fresh air while we still could! Both Isla and Norah just rip on their scooters too – it’s pretty funny listening/watching Norah try to keep up with Isla.


After we were done at the park the girls had some hot chocolate and built puzzles with my mom while I had a quick power nap on the couch, haha. Soon it was time to head home and make dinner so we could get ready to head back to our regular routine!

How was your weekend?!


TGIF v.55

Oof. I’m so glad it’s Friday today, even if it is pouring outside. Here’s a little TGIF post to celebrate the end of this crazy week!

A high of the week was celebrating Halloween with the girls! Isla and Norah both dressed up as Violet from The Incredibles and had the best time trick or treating. My mom came and joined us, so it was nice to have backup as they ventured from house to house.


I also got the proofs for Isla’s school photos back, and they look great! (But also – why do they have to be so dang expensive? Once Norah’s in school I’m going to have to sit down and calculate if buying a digital copy and printing them elsewhere will be better financially.)

A low of the week was Norah getting bonked in the nose by an empty swing seat. She swelled up and bruised pretty good and has a decent raspberry, but she didn’t break her nose so that’s a plus. I was hoping to take our Christmas card photos soon, but I suppose that will have to wait until the raspberry is at least healed enough to easily photoshop away.


Day 0: It looks worse in person.

Also, I got rear-ended yesterday so that was a hoot. In a nutshell, I was waiting at a yield sign to enter onto the highway and the guy behind me thought I was going and hit the back of my car. I have a bit of whiplash, and my car has a hole in the bumper and a busted taillight, but otherwise everything is okay. Norah was with me but she’s fine. (She was more concerned about me not chauffeuring her home where the cartoons I promised her awaited.)

An internet find I loved was this meme:

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The best money I spent was some Christmas shopping items that happened to be on sale. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around shopping for Christmas, but I’m getting there. I have may more fun buying stocking items than I do with the “big” items.

My favourite Isla and/or Norah moment was taking them Trick or Treating. After Norah was done at a house she’s sprint down the driveway and yelling, “I GOT TRICK OR TREATS!” It was pretty hilarious.

Oh, and Isla lost another tooth! She proudly pulled it out herself too, after not letting me try for a whole week. Now she’s out of wiggly teeth and the Toothfairy gets a little break from visiting our house. ;)

A song that has been stuck in my head is everything Ru Paul. Is that weird? Probably.

My notable meals of the week were the homemade pizzas I made on Sunday. I finally bought fresh yeast so the crust was so much better than it usually is! (Fun fact: Yeast that has been opened for 3 years still works, just not as well.)

My plans for the weekend are relaxing, for the most part, and then some friends are coming over Saturday night for a mini games night!

Have you started Christmas shopping?

Thought Dump Thursday

  • A while ago I read a comment on a news story about a dog attack. Without going into details about the story, the comment was along the lines of “that breed was created to fight”, to which someone responded, “Any thing with teeth will bite when provoked.” I agree with the latter comment. I mean, look at Mike Tyson … haha
  • Norah has been watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original version with Gene Wilder because I will have it no other way) and I have to laugh at what was socially acceptable back then. For example, Charlie bustin’ his ass with his paper route only to give his hard-earned dough to his bed-ridden grandpa for TOBACCO.
  • Why are people spending thousands of dollars on mixed-breed dogs? I’m sure I’ve ranted about this before but a “Porky Poo?” That’s a Yorkie x Poodle x Pomeranian and I’m sure some idiot paid way too much for it. (I will admit it’s kind of cute, even though small dogs aren’t particularly my jam)
  • We just recently had a municipal election and I told Kyle if a certain candidate was voted to council that I would run against that candidate in the next election, and that he had to hold me to it. This just in: My future in politics shall be non-existent.
  • I am a firm believer in not decorating for Christmas until December 1, HOWEVER, I will admit that hang my Christmas lights up in October. Why? Because usually it starts to get damn cold by the end of the month and there’s no way I want to be standing on a ladder in the freezing cold trying to untangle lights and hang them off my gutters. So – while my lights are now UP, they are staying off until AT LEAST after Remembrance Day, and December if I can help it.
  • Kyle and I caught the tail end of the rebooted Will & Grace and I must say, it was awful! While I wasn’t really into the show when it originally aired, the 5 minutes we caught almost just seemed to be a mockery of the show. Can networks please just stop bringing back old series? If Friends ever comes back I’ll riot. I love it to death, but LEAVE IT ALONE!

What are your thoughts on show reboots? Designer dogs? Life? Share in the comments!