Weekend Update

Hello, beauties, and Happy Monday! This weekend was cold and awful and I’m really not loving how March has started, but in like a lion, out like a lamb, right? Right! So, here’s what we got up to this weekend!

I almost ignored my alarm in the morning and skipped my workout, but reluctantly, I dragged myself out of bed for a quick 1-mile run on the treadmill followed by 30 minutes of Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown. My legs have been feeling heavy this past week (I blame this damn cold I’ve caught) so I thought a switch in exercise wouldn’t hurt.

After I took Isla to school I puttered around the house and didn’t get up to too much; I vacuumed the house and tossed dinner into the Crock Pot and was generally pretty lazy for the rest of the day. I even had a short nap in the afternoon before going to get Isla from school. Win! She was off to a birthday party, so it was just Kyle, Norah and I for dinner. After I picked Isla up it was time for her and Norah’s bedtime routine and then Kyle and I adulted hard watching bad movies on TV and playing on our phones in bed before turning out the lights. Rough life!

When I woke up the wind was blowing and it was cold and miserable outside. I had plans to go buy groceries in the morning but decided to be lazy and ordered them online to pick up in the afternoon instead. As it turns out, I’ll have to go back to the store because whoever selected my groceries got me salad dressing that was already expired … You win some, you lose some I guess!

We had a pretty lazy day otherwise until Kyle’s aunt & uncle came over to help celebrate Kyle’s birthday! It was actually on Wednesday but because Kyle worked we had a big dinner for him and he opened presents on Saturday.

On Saturday I had bid on a SNES Classic on one of those 24hr Auction pages on Facebook, so I had to go pick that up in the morning. On my way there I stopped by the grocery store to exchange my items that were messed up from my online shopping trip as well.

By the time I was done running around town it was time for lunch, and since I was feeling especially … crabby … I had a quick power nap when Norah went down for hers. I woke up from that and helped Kyle make a big batch of breakfast burritos for the freezer, then we set up the SNES Classic and relived our childhoods, haha!

That’s pretty much all we got up to on the weekend! Nothing too wild and crazy. This week doesn’t have much planned either. I live an exciting life, is what I’m saying.

What did you get up to this weekend?


Run now, nachos later

That day, for no particular reason, I decided to go for a little run.
– Forrest Gump

Taking a line from Mr. Gump, I wouldn’t necessarily call my plunge into running a journey; it was more along the lines of a spontaneous fire being lit under my ass for no apparent reason. Even today I don’t have a good explanation as to why I started, but I’ll try to explain the sudden bombardment of exercise and fitness posts on my social media accounts. (Because I know that not everyone enjoys reading about gains and miles and #fitness.)

Back in January I came across a 5km obstacle course/race event on Facebook that looked like a hella lotta fun. The entry fee wasn’t too crazy yet, so I signed up even though it’s not until June. Then I figured, why not make it a goal to do three 5km races this year? It would be relatively easy to accomplish – there’s a 5km race in March, plus the big Boogie the Bridge event in May, and the 5km obstacle course in June. Done!

So with that March race in mind, I figured it was time to perhaps start training a little bit so I didn’t collapse and die 1/3 of the way through. I think it was the first Monday after I had signed up for the June race that I set my alarm and told Kyle to kick my ass out of bed so I can go put some distance down on the treadmill. I didn’t get very far (1.92 miles/3.08kms in 25 minutes), but it was enough to make me want to improve. I’ve been getting up early 3 days a week to run and it feels pretty dang good.

Now, I was asked by someone about why I decided to start running, and I still don’t really have an answer. Maybe it’s because it’s a good way to balance out my love for food and couch time. (I will, good Sir, run for nachos.) Or maybe it’s because it seems to be helping reduce stress. Whatever the reason, I do know that it’s certainly not bad for me, providing I don’t push myself too hard. Perhaps one day I’ll work up to a half-marathon (The Seawheeze would be pretty amazing to tackle!) or maybe even a full marathon, who knows! For now, I’m happy with my progress and will set new goals when I feel I’m ready.


TGIF v.50

How is this my 50th TGIF post? And how has it been two months since I’ve written one? Regardless, life’s been busy, so here’s a quick glimpse at what we’ve been up to this past week:

A high of the week was finding out I received a solid grade on my Accounting midterm. It’s no secret of mine that I’m horrible at math and with numbers, so this course I’ve been working on has really made my head hurt. When I found out I got an awesome mark on my exam, I was pretty pumped, to say the least!

A low of the week was Norah’s early wake-up times. They’re not so bad when I’m getting up to get a run in, I just bring her down to the basement with me and she plays, but when I’m jonesing for that extra little bit of sleep she’s a buzzkill. I have a feeling she’ll pay me back when she’s a teenager and will sleep until 2pm.

An internet find I loved was Mr. T’s post on Twitter in regards to curling:

I mean, come on! Curling just earned some serious street cred. I played quite a bit when I was a kid and loved it; if I had the chance to join a team I totally would start playing again.

The best money I spent was on a bunch of fancy hand soaps at Bath & Body Works. They were on sale yesterday for only $2.95 each, so I couldn’t pass it up! (Plus the foam and yummy smells guarantees that Isla will thoroughly wash her hands when I ask her to.)

Oh, and I also bought new running shoes last Friday and I’m in love with them! So far they feel great and I haven’t had any issues, although I still need to work on the tightness of the laces. (Numb toes are no fun!)

My favourite Isla and/or Norah moment was on Wednesday when we helped Isla hand out her Valentine’s Day cards to her classmates. Norah fell in love with Isla’s classroom and I couldn’t get her to leave! (Bribery definitely happened.) It’s amazing to see how much Norah looks up to her big sister, even though they are still SO different when it comes to their personalities.

A song that has been stuck in my head is all of the new Justin Timberlake tracks. SO GOOD.

My notable meals of the week were the carne asadas we made on Saturday. Craving Satisfaction mission = Complete!

My plans for the weekend are to have dim sum with my Dad to celebrate Chinese New Year on Saturday, plus go to a Barre & Brew event that afternoon. Pretty sure I’m going to have dead legs by the end of the day!

Happy Friday! What are your weekend plans?