TGIF v.41

A high of the week was  getting the Christmas stockings I started last weekend all finished! I’ve been wanting the get matching stockings for our family for the longest time, but I could never decide if I wanted to make them myself or just order them off of Etsy. I finally decided I would go the DIY route, and with a little help from my mom’s coworker who sews and quilts, I got off to a pretty good start. Once I was on my own though, I measured the cuffs in correctly and the sewing machine broke,* so it took me longer than expected to finished the rest. But, in the end I love the way they turned out!


Clockwise from top left: Norah’s, mine, Kyle’s, Isla’s.

*By broke I actually mean than something normal happened but because I have no idea how a sewing machine operates I thought it was broken and spent an hour trying to “fix” it. The bobbin thing needed more thread on it. Who would’ve thought?!

A low of the week was hearing that a friend’s mother in law passed away due to cancer.😦 I just hate that damn “C” word so much.

An internet find I loved was the Gilmore Girls revival, but I’ll be honest, it was a love/hate find. I loved the entire series and was disappointed with how it ended, and the same can be said for the revival. While I know WHY it ended the way it did, I was still left with the feeling of wanting more.

The best money I spent was on Christmas presents! I’m 90% done my Christmas shopping with only one more person to buy for and then I can hole myself up in my house while the rest of the public can battle it out in the stores.

My favourite Isla and/or Norah moment was watching Isla perform in her preschool’s Christmas concert. She did awesome up on stage and everyone in our families who came to watch were super proud of her!

And yesterday my dad was in town doing some shopping, so we met up with him for sushi and Norah entertained us all with her bizarre eating tactics. She’s such a goof!


Oh, annnnnnd Isla was flipping through a little local Christmas events flyer/magazine the other day when she pointed out that I could buy a “pretty” Santa costume for Christmas. Umm, no thanks, kiddo!


I’m so glad she can’t actually read…

(That advertisement is for an “adult” store in town.)

A song that has been stuck in my head is “Radio Gaga” by Queen. Actually, a lot of Queen has been stuck in my head this past week. Freddie Mercury is amazing.

My meals of the week were

Sunday: Fried chicken
Monday: Sausages
Tuesday: Pork tenderloin
Wednesday: Spaghetti
Thursday: Meatballs

My plans for the weekend are consulting with my tattoo artist for a new tattoo(!), going to a friend’s baby shower, and groceries, groceries, groceries!

What are your plans for the weekend??

My village

We’ve heard it a million times before, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and I’m not going to disagree. From relatives to daycare providers, doctors to dance teachers, there are so many people who enter our children’s lives and influence them in some shape or form. Hell, even my actual next door neighbour has taken part, taking Isla for her first trick-or-treating adventure last year.

While many of these villages that we parents are a part of are filled with “real life” people, I’m lucky enough to be a part of a virtual village as well. Call me crazy, but there’s 149 woman whom I’ve gotten to know over the past two years and sometimes I feel closer to them more than my “real life” friends sometimes. We relate to one another on a whole different level, and that’s not something you get every day.

So allow me to backtrack a bit: I was never a part of an online baby group when I was pregnant with Isla. I never thought to join one but after hearing about the support one of my friends found within her own birth group I figured I’d give joining one a try when I learned I was pregnant with Norah.

Finding a group was relatively easy; the pregnancy tracker app I had on my phone had a corresponding website with a message board community. I was able to find a sub-community of moms who were also all due in (or close to) June 2015 and one member was in the midst of creating a Facebook group. I asked to join and before I knew it, there were about 200 Canadian moms in one space of the internet.

I’m not going to lie, I was a bit skeptical of being in this group at first and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I figured that if I didn’t enjoy being in the group I would just leave and keep on my merry way. (I even said to Kyle that I’d probably leave the group after Norah was born, but here I am still, 2 years after joining!) Lets not kid ourselves, 200 women with pregnancy hormones can be a dangerous place to be in the real world, but give them the anonymity of a keyboard and the internet and it can be a whole new level of crazy.

There was all kinds of crazy in the beginning; fake profiles, fake pregnancies, ridiculous debates, etc., but they were all quickly weeded out and the remainder of us began our “bonding” process. The rest, really, is history.

I never would’ve thought that 150 women from all different backgrounds could all get along so well. From morning sickness to our baby’s milestones, we’ve been there to cheer, laugh, and even cry with one another. Our group is our village and it’s a place where there is brutally honesty without it being verbally abusive at the same time, and in a time where the virtual pen is often mightier than the sword and hate flows a little too freely, I’m thankful we have this understanding amongst one another.

Some (or in reality, most) would say I’m crazy for entrusting 149 strangers with the nitty gritty, personal details of my life, but how is it any different than the vast majority of people on Facebook? One person with 1000 Facebook “friends” certainly cannot be honest to God friends with every single one of them, no? Not wanting to go off on a tangent, I’ll just stop there and save that for another post someday…

So here’s to you women. You know who you are. You are my “people” and while I may have only met a couple of you in real life, I don’t think I ever feel more connected to a group of strangers.



TGIF v.40

A high of the week was the amazing sunny weather we had at the beginning of the week! On Tuesday I swear it was nearly 20°C outside, which is CRAZY for November. I managed to put our Christmas lights up on the house without my fingers becoming frostbitten. Win!

A low of the week was everything else. Can I say everything? So much sadness happened over the past week, I can’t even wrap my head around it all. I’m not even talking about the US election results either; there has been some tragedies close to home and as I parent my heart just aches.

An internet find I loved was this video of a construction worker impersonating a T-Rex and velociraptor:

The best money I spent was on Isla’s new outfit for the holidays. There was a decent sale going on at The Children’s Place and along with a gift card I had I got her a cute dress and Norah a shirt and tights for just under $9.

My favourite Isla and/or Norah moment was this moment with Norah, with Norah just being well, Norah:


A photo posted by Kara (@karaevs) on


The song that has been stuck in my head is “Gold” by Kiiara. I don’t know what half of the lyrics are, but it’s bloody catchy regardless!

My meals of the week were lame, but at least the family didn’t starve😉

Sunday: Pork tenderloin
Monday: Meatballs
Tuesday: Tomato & spinach pasta, with shrimp adding in for protein.
Wednesday: Fried chicken
Thursday: Beef dip & yam fries

My plans for the weekend are no plans! Just rest and trying to kick this bloody cold to the curb😦