Mom Voice

Parents: You’ve been there. You’ve ALLLL been there. Don’t lie to me and say you haven’t. You’re in the grocery store and your kids are being little demons. You tell them time and time again to stop and they do, but it lasts a solid 5 minutes before they’re at it again. You’re clenching your jaw and making your way through your list while ignoring your kids as theyΒ ask beg for everything damn corn syrup-laden snack item on the shelf. You think you’re doing great until you’re organizing your wallet when your precious angels start bickering over who gets to hold the receipt when you suddenly snap and scold them, telling them to knock it off. Then you look up and realize that everyone in the vicinity is staring at you and you feel like you’re being judged harder than Kate Middleton.

“George, so help me God don’t make me use my Mom Voice in front of all this press …”

Okay, full disclosure time: That person in the above story? It was totally me. About 95% of the time both the girls are great when I take them grocery shopping. I’ll toss them a snack (the store we frequent offers fresh fruit or a cookie to their “young shoppers) and I can usually get my shopping done with very few issues.

I don’t know what the issue was during this particular trip, but everyone (myself included) seemed a bit testy. Isla wanted to buy every snack item possible, Norah insisted on holding every item I put in our car, and by the time we were at the checkout they were at each other’s throats. I couldn’t nose breathe for much longer but I knew we were almost done.

It wasn’t until I was putting my change into my wallet when they started screaming at one another when I finally lost it and the “Mom Voice” came out. I snapped at them. When I looked up, I saw a dozen heads turn the other way and knew that I had just drawn a crapload of attention to myself.

I’ll admit that at first I felt a little awkward and embarrassed by my outburst. No one ever sets out to be “that” parent in the public but sometimes it happens. I’m sure I was judged and labeled for being an awful parent by some of those shoppers, but I hope that the majority of them will take into consideration that they have no idea who I am and what was going on in my life at that point in time. I know I try my hardest to think that way when I witness similar situations.

The point of this whole post is to tell you thatΒ it’s okay to lose your shit in public. Believe me, I subtly told them to behave numerous times before raising my voice but when kids are in “the zone” chances are they’re not going to listen to a Snow White-like voice telling them to behave; sometimes you have to break out the Mom Voice to get the point across to your kids.

It’s unfortunate that the “voice” is usually the only thing strangers hear when you’re scolding your kids. Much like that photo of the Duchess of Cambridge, we’re judged on a single event and criticized for not being able to keep it together.Β That’s not okay. In our social media-obsessed world there’s too much emphasis on showing off how “perfect” your life and your kids are, and I believe this is affecting how we expect other parents to act and react while in public. We forget that there are as many low points in raising your kids as there are high points because we always attempt to emphasize and show off the good in our lives.

By no means am I saying that we need to start shaming our kids on Instagram, nor am I saying to dial back the #blessed posts either. I’m merely suggesting that we perhaps take a moment or two to remember not to judge if/when you see a parent struggling and scolding her kids in public. They’re trying their damn best to keep their cool so forgive them for not being a picture of social media perfection. Not having a screaming kid > Image of perfect parenting. ;)


Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning, everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve done a coffee date-style post, so I figured I’d do one today. So go grab a cup of the good stuff and lets make believe that if we were having coffee this morning I’d be telling you that …

… Isla has had a great first couple of days at school! Today and tomorrow she does for half-days (morning then afternoon), and then on Wednesday she has her first full day. On Thursday last week we met with her teacher and she seems great. On Friday I dropped her off for a mini-day (1.5hrs) and she was so chill about everything, from walking to school to going into her classroom. I knew she’d be just fine but I’m still wrapping my head around the fact that I have a kindergartener! Someone hold me.

… I started taking online courses to obtain a Administrative Assistant certificate. I’ve been relatively hush-hush about the fact I’m going back to school, only because when I say that people assume I’m going to a classroom and it’s tedious to explain that the courses are via distance learning. Doing things at home make it easier (and cheaper) to care for the girls and I can do my “learning” when it’s convenient for me. So far everything is going good!

… I decided to take said course to help increase my chances at finding a job. While my journalism degree and work history have provided me with some great skills that are extremely useful for the jobs that I’m after, I feel that I’m still under qualified in many ways. My hope is that having this certificate and the knowledge it will provide me with will help me land a great job in the future.

… Kyle and I booked a trip to Las Vegas next month!! We’re tagging it as our long, overdue honeymoon as we never actually had one and it’s our first trip AWAY away just as a couple. We’re staying at Caesar’s Palace and already have a couple of show tickets booked and I’m pretty excited about it all! It’s definitely needed and well deserved, in my opinion. And a big thanks to my mom for taking the girls for a few nights too!

… Kyle planted 5 tomato plants at the beginning of summer: two grape, one Roma, one heirloom and one “regular” plant. They are OUT OF CONTROL, especially the grape tomatoes! I seriously cannot keep up with picking them and we have tomatoes coming out of our eyeballs. So you know, if you want some good snacking tomatoes, come on over!

… We are redoing our deck out back and it’s going to be so amazing when it’s done! The old one was pretty useless as far as functionality goes; you could really only barbecue and sit two chairs side by side. Definitely not something we wanted to entertain on! Our new one will be much better for entertaining and just “being” on.

… I tried my hand at pickling! It’s been forever since I’ve canned anything, and I’ve always had help, but a couple weeks ago we bought a 10lb bag of pickling cukes. I’m fairly certain that Kyle had intended on just snacking on the cukes as they were, but when I mentioned maybe making a few jars of pickles he said to go for it! I managed to find this simple method and went to town! The hardest thing was finding the dill weed but thankfully there was one local produce store in town that had some still. I managed to get 8 jars out of my brine, although I probably had enough pickles for one or two more jars. Everything sealed, so lets hope in a few weeks time I have tasty pickles!

What would you be sharing with me if we were having coffee? 

(Long) Weekend Update

Happy Back-to-School day! Isla doesn’t actually start school until Thursday, so we’re continuing life as normal for the next couple of days until that happens. (Read: SAVOURING EVERY MOMENT OF MY BABY STILL BEING AT HOME.)

Anyway, I hope you all had a great Labour Day long weekend! While it was a little smoky here, we still managed to make the most of our time.

Kyle had some errands to run first thing in the morning, so Isla tagged along with him and I hung out with Norah at home. We didn’t get up to too much for the rest of the day! My mom came and picked up Isla when she was done work and had her over for supper, so Norah got a little spoiled while her sister was gone:


After dinner a carpenter friend came up to have a peek at our deck; he’s helping us rebuild it and we can’t wait to have it done! Sure, it will be chillly and we won’t be able to fully enjoy it until next summer, but still – it’s a project that’s been on the back burner for quite some time. It’s exciting to finally have it underway!

It was Kyle’s grandma’s birthday the day before, so we stopped by in the morning to say hello and wish her a happy birthday!

I suggested to Kyle the night before that we should go out to Horsting’s FarmΒ for lunch. (Fun fact: Kyle and I both worked there eons ago!) I’ve been craving a big sandwich and a bowl of soup all summer, but with the forest fires it’s been nearly impossible to accomplish. Saturday was gorgeous, so we called up Kyle’s dad to see if he wanted to meet us there and drove out just before noon. My soup and sandwich hankering was satisfied, and we headed to his dad’s place for a visit. We headed home just before supper and the girls were both exhausted by the time bedtime rolled around.

Kyle organized a pool day/barbecue at his mom’s place and once again proved that’s he’s pretty dang awesome ;) He planned the menu, did the prep and all the cooking … basically I’m a lucky woman! Everything went off without a hitch and turned out great. The girls had fun swimming (Isla especially) and Norah was well, Norah:


I woke up feeling horrible; I’m pretty certain I had a migraine because everything I did sucked and no amount of pain killers was helping. I managed to get the grocery shopping done but as Kyle and the girls with attest, I was a miserable bear for most of the day. The pain finally subsided after lunchtime, so I was at least able to enjoy the rest of the day. Isla went back down to Kyle’s mom’s for a swim and dinner, so Kyle, Norah and I hung out in the yard for a bit before making dinner and winding down for the night.


Overall, we had a pretty awesome weekend and it was a great way to wrap-up the summer. Like I said, Isla doesn’t start school until Thursday, but it’s pretty chilly today making everything seem that much more bittersweet. <3

How was your long weekend?