Race Recap: Blackwell Dairy 15K/3K Fun Run

We came, we ran, we ate ice cream!

Kyle, Isla, and I all  ran this year, with Kyle doing the full 15K and Isla and I doing the 3K. The heat was definitely going to play a factor, but I think we all managed to do pretty well! Norah hung out at Grandma’s house, but next year will definitely be her year to join in. Honestly, she absolutely could’ve done it this year, but oh well …

Anyway, Isla has been looking forward to this race since we finished the Boogie the Bridge back in April. She was a tad impatient waiting for the 3K race to start (the longest 15 minute wait EVER as we started after the 15K runners), but once we started she was right into it! She didn’t stop running until sometime after the 1K mark, and even then she only took a couple of walking breaks and pauses to catch her breath.


Once we got to the first hill she started to slow down and wanted to walk, but I coaxed her to keep running by offering her my Fitbit to wear. (She’s been obsessed with earning steps, haha.) While it worked, she soon took a bit of a spill and scraped her knees up pretty good. Thankfully, it was right at an road crossing, so there was a traffic control volunteer who saw her tumble. Isla hobbled along and the wonderful woman stationed at the crossing sat her down, gave her some water, and found a bandaid in her car to patch Isla up with. I am SO thankful for that volunteer because I don’t know if I could’ve gotten Isla to keep going after that. While we ended up walking the remainder of the course, we only had about 1K to go. Isla even agreed to run across the finish line, and boy, did she ever! She really gave it her all at the end and I’m so proud of her. Even with her wipeout she finished with a time of 34:49! (Last year she ran it in 40:02!)


Of course, we celebrated afterwards with delicious ice cream and waited for Kyle to come in from his 15K. He ended up besting his time from last year by a couple of minutes, so I’m super proud of him as well!

Isla was also super excited to see our “trail” thanks to the Fitbit as well:


I hit pause when she wiped out, thus why the tracker time is different than our bib time.

Next year Kyle is contemplating stepping down to do the 3K race with the girls and I’m thinking really hard about upping my race distance and going for the 15K! At least I have a whole year to decide, and a good chunk of the spring to train.

Anyway, overall it was a great day, and again, I have to give a huge shout-out to the Kamloops Ridge Runners and all the volunteers on the course for helping make this yet another great run!


(Long) Weekend Update

Happy Tuesday everyone! This past weekend marked the kick-off for summer here in B.C., as we recognized Victoria Day and celebrated a long weekend! It was an even longer weekend for us as Isla didn’t have school on Friday, so we packed in as much fun and adventure as we could over the last four days.

Isla has been begging me to ride the city bus, so I rounded up some spare change and we rode the bus from our house to the mall for a little shopping! I had to exchange a shirt I got for my birthday at Lululemon, plus I had a gift card to spend there as well. We had some lunch in the food court before heading back to the bus stop to catch the bus home.

Let me just say that while I’m thankful that we live on a major bus route, I’m hoping Isla doesn’t ask to ride it again. I understand why others choose/have to ride the bus, but it’s definitely not for me! Isla and Norah both had a blast though, so I suppose that’s the most important thing.

Isla and I also worked on her birthday invitations while Norah napped in the afternoon. I cannot believe she’s turning six in about a month!

My brother and his girlfriend came up to visit for the Long Weekend, so on Saturday the girls and I met up with them and my mom at the Farmers’ Market. While there wasn’t much for produce yet, the girls enjoyed some baked goods and we enjoyed browsing around downtown.

My dad had drove into town as well to visit with my brother, so we all went out for dim sum with him. Unfortunately, Isla had wiped out on the sidewalk and didn’t feel up to joining us, so she went home with my mom while the rest of us stuffed ourselves with BBQ pork buns and dumplings.

After lunch we parted ways with my dad and headed back to my mom’s for a little siesta. Once Norah woke up from her nap we walked over to my grandpa’s for a quick visit. I’m pretty glad he’s now living in Kamloops and it’s easier to visit!


We eventually walked back to my mom’s and threw some hamburgers on the barbecue for dinner, and soon it was time for me to pack up the girls and get them to bed!

Kyle had unfortunately had to work overtime, but he was home when we got back so he helped tuck them in for the night. Our friends had stopped by for a visit as well, so it was nice to catch up with them!

It was Kyle’s dad’s birthday, so we headed out of town to go visit him for the day! Isla wasn’t feeling too hot and we had to stop twice for her to get some fresh air, but I managed to snap this picture of the view towards Kamloops:


I always forgot how beautiful our landscape is! And it’s hard to see, but there are SO many logs and debris in the lake from high water.

Unfortunately, Isla got sick during one of those pit stops, but she seemed to be okay after that. We got to Kyle’s dad’s and the girls got to rip around in his golf cart, and then we all headed to Horsting’s Farm for lunch! I bought a pie, and the girls stuffed their faces with ice cream.


We eventually headed home and Isla really started not feeling well. We ordered pizza for dinner and she barely ate, so it was into the bath and to bed for her.

We had a lazy-ish morning and eventually headed over to the greenhouse to buy some tomato plants and flowers to plant! Kyle bought five tomato plants and I picked out a bunch of flowers to put into my giant flower pot for the front step. We had a few extras, so Kyle made me a little hanging basket as well! Now we’re ready for summer, although I think I may go buy one more big hanging basket to hang out front. The girls had a blast helping Kyle plant everything, to say the least, and I’m glad they’re learning some valuable life skills.


Isla and I did some chalk art on the sidewalk, and then we eventually made our way into the house to make dinner.

We’re now back to our regular weekday routine, but at least it’s a short week! We have another busy weekend ahead of us with the Blackwell Dairy 15K/3K Run – a family favourite for us! (Who can say ‘No’ to ice cream and pancakes?)

How was your weekend??