Sticky Memories

Do you have memories from your childhood that just kind of “stick?” You know, the ones that had no particular effect on how you grew up (there was no “learning” moment), but you fondly think about them from time to time and they make you smile?

This morning while I was in the shower I randomly, untriggered, starting thinking about this restaurant in my hometown that we used to frequent quite often. It was a Chinese-Canadian place, owned by a wonderful Chinese couple, Park and Shirley, who happened to be friends with my grandparents. (All Chinese pioneers of my hometown.) I remember I used to go into the back with my dad and he’d buy gravy from them, and they always had some kind of cookie to give me.

I remember the “casual” side of the restaurant had red, swivelling bar stools and the “sit down” side had big red bench seats at each booth.

They also made the most amazing Chinese noodle soup that always had a halved hard boiled egg on top and I’ve yet to find a restaurant that makes this soup as good as Park did.

That restaurant no longer exists as it once was; a restaurant of the same name is there but that soup is not. Nor is Park and his wife; they eventually relocated to the Vancouver area and I believe they have sadly passed.

Anyway, this random recollection has made me wonder what odd little tidbits of their childhood my own kids will remember when they get older. Perhaps it will be our silly bus trips to the mall for fun, or the time we went to the marina and one of them got swimmer’s itch.

Adulthood is funny, the way you remember certain things from ages ago.


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