Norah at 4


How has another whole year gone by and now you’re 4?! Time just goes by so fast.

In the past year you have shown so much zest for life than you ever have. You are a strong, determined little girl and nothing stops you. (Not even Dad or I, sometimes!) We’re so proud of your independence, even when it drives us bonkers.



You’ve shown a passion for being active, whether it’s Ninja school, swimming, or just being outside, you have endless energy until your tank is completely out of gas.

You love so unconditionally; I’ll be sad the day you no longer crawl into bed with me early for our morning snuggles as they make being woken up worth it. These few moments of calm show a whole different side of your whirlwind personality.


While you and your sister may get into the odd tiff, your bond is unbelievable. You look up to Isla so much and I’m so glad that overall you’re the best of friends. I hope that in the future, no matter what, you stick by each other and lean on one another through good times and bad.


I love you, my little Nugget, and I hope that this next trip around the sun brings a lot more fun and adventures your way!

Happy Birthday, NorNor!

Love you forever,


Norah at 3

My sweet NorNor,

Yet another year has gone by and now you are 3 years old! There are not enough words to describe how much you’ve grown in the past year.

You’re fiercely independent and yet still so loving of your family, you definitely do things on your terms. Dad and I have nicknamed you the “Honey Badger” because you do what you want! (To a certain extent, at least!) You’re tough as nails and not much slows you down. The zest you have for life is unbelievable and I can’t help but admire it!


You still love animals immensely and want to make friends with every creature you encounter, from chipmunks to cows. Campbell is one of your best buds and you fondly refer to him as your “Horsey.”

As much as you and your sister fight and argue, your love for one another is still truly amazing. You hurt your hand not too long ago and you asked for Isla to hold your hand while I put your bandages on. For the most part, you really do get along so well and I hope you both continue to have this close bond as you grow up.

Dad is one of your favourite people and you love it when he does your bedtime stories with you. I can tell by the way he looks at you that he loves you immensely; you’re “his people”, as he so frequently states, and I don’t disagree!


While you’re not picky at all, your favourite foods would have to be Mini Wheat cereal, yogurt, pasta, and steak. You’re slowly warming up to the idea of liking broccoli, but like your sister, you’re not crazy about bell peppers and mushrooms.

You always ask to watch the movie “Cars” but I think your favourite at the moment would have to be The Angry Birds Movie.

Norah, you put my patience to the test on a daily basis but I wouldn’t have it any other way. You are the sweetest little person and I’m so thankful to be your mom.

Happy Birthday, Norah!

Love always,



Norah at 2


How is it that you’re 2-years old already? There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe how amazing it is to watch you grow. You go a million miles a minute and definitely keep your dad and I on our toes!

In the past year you’ve grown so much and have such a wonderful personality! If we could only use one word to describe you, I think dad and I would agree that the word would be “haywire,” and we say that with love. You love to get busy and are always pushing the boundaries to see what you can and cannot do. It doesn’t matter if you’re too little for something, you’re going to try and do it anyway! You love to explore and try new things; you’re always keeping dad and I on our toes, like the time you let yourself outside into the yard to play with Campbell, or when you stuck pieces of cork up your nose … Ask dad or I for the whole story one day!

You absolutely love animals and show no fear when meeting new ones. You’ve even said “Hi” to a couple houseflies and got upset when they flew away. You adore Campbell and love to feed and play with him. (He loves it when you do as well!) 

While you love hanging out with your big sister, you’re definitely your own person! While she loves to sing and dance, you love to run around, toss balls and swing bats. I think we might have a future athlete on our hands if that’s the path you choose to take. Differing interests aside, you absolutely adore Isla and I love watching the two of play together. I know it won’t be like this all the time but I hope you keep this amazing bond with her.

Your favourite foods are bananas, crackers and chicken and you definitely do not like broccoli. You love watching the movie “The Secret Life of Pets” and ask for it on a daily basis, and you love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as well.

You are most definitely Daddy’s Girl and my heart just melts watching you and him play together. He’s so proud of everything you do and I know he loves you so, so much.

I love you, my Norah, with all my heart and I’m so proud to be your mom. I cannot wait to see what the next year brings your way. Happy Birthday!

Love, Mom