Isla at 7

Dear Isla,

Today you turn seven. Seven! I cannot believe how big you’re getting, but I’m so proud of the young lady you’re becoming.


You’ve become such an amazing role model this past year, not only to your peers but your family as well. You have no idea how much your sister looks up to you, and I’m so glad you and Norah have such an incredible bond. I know it’s not easy sometimes being the big sister, but you do such an amazing job.


I know every parent says this about their own kid, but you are so incredibly smart! Your desire to learn and ability to understand new ideas is remarkable and you’re going to go so far in life if you keep going the way you are.

You’ve also grown so much in dance; your passion for ballet is so wonderful and I hope you continue to have it as your passion. Dad and I love watching you perform and we can tell how much you truly love to dance.


Isla, I hope you never stop being you and that you keep being such an amazing human being.

Happy 7th Birthday, Squiddo!

Love you for always,


Norah at 4


How has another whole year gone by and now you’re 4?! Time just goes by so fast.

In the past year you have shown so much zest for life than you ever have. You are a strong, determined little girl and nothing stops you. (Not even Dad or I, sometimes!) We’re so proud of your independence, even when it drives us bonkers.



You’ve shown a passion for being active, whether it’s Ninja school, swimming, or just being outside, you have endless energy until your tank is completely out of gas.

You love so unconditionally; I’ll be sad the day you no longer crawl into bed with me early for our morning snuggles as they make being woken up worth it. These few moments of calm show a whole different side of your whirlwind personality.


While you and your sister may get into the odd tiff, your bond is unbelievable. You look up to Isla so much and I’m so glad that overall you’re the best of friends. I hope that in the future, no matter what, you stick by each other and lean on one another through good times and bad.


I love you, my little Nugget, and I hope that this next trip around the sun brings a lot more fun and adventures your way!

Happy Birthday, NorNor!

Love you forever,