Nine Months

9 Months

At nine months, Norah:

  • Weighs 21.7 lbs. Not too sure now long she is, but we’ll find out tomorrow at her 9-month doctor appointment!
  • Still only has three teeth, but the fourth is SO CLOSE to popping through it’s not even fair. (For me or her. She hasn’t been sleeping well and as a result, neither have I.)


  • Crawls on her hands and knees and is FAST! Can chasing a baby around the house be considered exercise?
  • Pulls herself up with ease and walks along the furniture with pride.
  • Is getting more into solid foods rather than purees. She really likes ground beef and anything to do with carbs, and has proven that eating is exhausting:

  • Claps her hands thanks to her sister!


  • Plan on weaning her soon for many reasons, but mostly because she just doesn’t show any interest in nursing during the day.
  • Am officially all signed up for slo-pitch and am looking forward to getting out on the field again!
  • Can’t believe she’s been “out” for as long as she was “in!” How time flies.

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