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  • Yesterday when I was at the park with the girls there was an older girl (maybe 10?) with her older sister (maybe 12?) and little brother (4ish). The 10-year old girl was dressed so scantily and provocatively that it made me nervous: Short-shorts, calf-high boots with pompoms (boots wit da furrr), and a super loose/baggy tank top that “showed off” her spaghetti-strapped sports bra and midsection. It was definitely not warm enough to be wearing something like that, and I was just horrified. Now, it’s spring break and maybe her older sister was “babysitting” while her parents were at work, but my word – I have some serious concerns about my own daughters dressing inappropriately when they get older. There’s no doubt that “Over my dead body” will come out of my mouth more than once.
  • ICYMI, Rob Ford, the former mayor of Toronto, passed away on Tuesday. While I’m not fully aware of his political policies, I understand that not everyone agreed with them (do we every agree 100% with anyone’s policies?) and have even read some “cheers” that he’s dead. All I can say to that is shame on those people. While yes, he was a little eccentric at times and maybe not a stellar mayor, he’s still leaving behind a wife and two daughters. He was still human.
  • I’m pretty sure allergy season has started and that makes me THE SADDEST.


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