Monday Morning Coffee

Happy Easter Monday, everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I know some of you may be back to work, but for those who aren’t, here’s what I’d be telling you if we were sitting down for coffee this morning:

  • We (or should I say Kyle) had a productive weekend doing yard work! We/Kyle tore out our front flower bed, including all the rocks, mulch, and shrubbery, so we can redesign and plant new stuff! It’s still pretty cold in our front yard most days, so it will take a few weeks to finish completely, but we’re looking forward to it!
  • It tried to snow yesterday morning. Actually, technically it was snowing, but it wasn’t sticking. Yuck.
  • The girls had a wonderful Easter! Isla did her Easter egg hunt around the house and Norah had fun ripping apart her basket. (Second child fact: We didn’t do anything for Isla’s first-ever Easter, but since the Easter Bunny brought Isla something this year, he had to leave something for Norah’s first Easter.)


  • I’m really loving my Jamberry nails! They are so easy to put on (seriously, it takes me about 15 minutes) and I cannot get over the fact that once they’re on, I don’t have to baby my fingernails and wait for them to dry.
  • My mom and I are planning a little weekend getaway in May and I’m looking forward to it! We’re loading up and taking the girls to the Lower Mainland to visit family and friends, so it should be fun!

What would you be telling me if we were having coffee this morning?

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Coffee

  1. If we were having coffee this morning I would tell you that we were sick all Easter weekend (and the week leading up to Easter!) and are just now feeling better. My kids didn’t even eat any of their chocolate until today!

    Have you put any of your Jamberry wraps on Isla yet? I bought some for Ellie but I’m not sure how she’ll be about sitting still. I’m not very quick at putting them on ;)



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