Thought Dump Thursday

  • A while ago I read a comment on a news story about a dog attack. Without going into details about the story, the comment was along the lines of “that breed was created to fight”, to which someone responded, “Any thing with teeth will bite when provoked.” I agree with the latter comment. I mean, look at Mike Tyson … haha
  • Norah has been watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original version with Gene Wilder because I will have it no other way) and I have to laugh at what was socially acceptable back then. For example, Charlie bustin’ his ass with his paper route only to give his hard-earned dough to his bed-ridden grandpa for TOBACCO.
  • Why are people spending thousands of dollars on mixed-breed dogs? I’m sure I’ve ranted about this before but a “Porky Poo?” That’s a Yorkie x Poodle x Pomeranian and I’m sure some idiot paid way too much for it. (I will admit it’s kind of cute, even though small dogs aren’t particularly my jam)
  • We just recently had a municipal election and I told Kyle if a certain candidate was voted to council that I would run against that candidate in the next election, and that he had to hold me to it. This just in: My future in politics shall be non-existent.
  • I am a firm believer in not decorating for Christmas until December 1, HOWEVER, I will admit that hang my Christmas lights up in October. Why? Because usually it starts to get damn cold by the end of the month and there’s no way I want to be standing on a ladder in the freezing cold trying to untangle lights and hang them off my gutters. So – while my lights are now UP, they are staying off until AT LEAST after Remembrance Day, and December if I can help it.
  • Kyle and I caught the tail end of the rebooted Will & Grace and I must say, it was awful! While I wasn’t really into the show when it originally aired, the 5 minutes we caught almost just seemed to be a mockery of the show. Can networks please just stop bringing back old series? If Friends ever comes back I’ll riot. I love it to death, but LEAVE IT ALONE!

What are your thoughts on show reboots? Designer dogs? Life? Share in the comments! 


Thought Dump Thursday

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Thought Dump Thursday post, so here we go!

    • Loop-style giveaways. Can we talk about how annoying they are? I understand companies teaming up together to promote their products, but having to click here, then there, and like a bunch of different posts and pages is painful and time consuming. I love entering giveaways but this is my least favourite style and I avoid them.
    • Lady Doritos. If you haven’t heard about what Doritos has in store for us shame-eaters, you’ve probably been living under a rock. In a nutshell, they’re making the bags easier to open (because we’re frail, baby birds with zero dexterity) and the chips are not as crunchy (because we want to shame eat IN SECRET, DAMMIT.) Anyway, this is ridiculous and I’m going to stuff my face with cheese byproduct power regardless of how noisy they are. #eyeroll (Now I hear that Doritos has scrapped this idea. Thank goodness!)
    • I am thankful that I have a 6-month free trial of Amazon Prime because I don’t think I’d ever actually pay for the perks of having 2-day shipping. Very rarely do I actually receive my packages within 2 days of ordering, and one time I had to wait a whole week. I’ll definitely be cancelling my membership once my trail period ends.
    • Did anyone else find Justin Timberlake’s performance to be rather underwhelming at the Super Bowl Halftime Show? I mean, it was entertaining enough, but there have been far more exciting shows recently. (Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars, to name a couple.) Maybe he was trying to play it safe after NippleGate 2004 (Wikipedia link for those who live under rocks), but I expected a bit more. I will admit that I’m definitely loving his new album though.
    • Can someone please explain to me why there’s a $0.50 price difference between these two packs of iron-on clothing labels? Same brand, same quantity, the only thing that’s different are the colours:


  • I would like to go out and say openly that no television show in the history of me watching television shows has made me ugly cry more than This is Us. I am emotionally attached to every damn character in that show (except for you, Miguel) and my husband is probably questioning my mental state of mind. Still, if you watch this show and haven’t felt ALL THE FEELS, there’s something wrong with YOUR state of mind, haha.

What’s on your mind today? DUMP IT OUT in the comments!

Thought Dump Thursday

Thought Dump Button

  • Baseball is over for the season, but I’m sure many MLB fans are well aware of a certain player from a certain team making a certain gesture from his dugout during the World Series. It happened to be caught on camera (as everything is these days), and he’s being suspended from five games for it. Oh, at the beginning of next season though, when wins or losses aren’t as critical. I’m having a hard time accepting this as a punishment, not the length of the suspension, but the time of it. Would we punish our kids for being an asshole five months after the fact? Nooooope, so why should it be any different for adults?
    (Full disclosure: I was cheering for that player’s team to win the World Series, but by no means am I voicing my opinion based on team preference.)
  • How did you choose who to invite to your wedding? I know everyone has a different process on deciding who does and does not get invitations, but how do you decide? And have you ever not been invited to a wedding you thought for sure you’d be asked to attend? This has happened to me and I thought I was over it but … #bitter.
  • The school Isla goes to asked that the kids wear orange and black on Halloween day instead of their costumes, the reason being is that in the past, costumes get wrecked or accessories get lost, resulting in phone calls to the school by parents looking for items or getting mad because their kid’s costume is ruined for trick or treating. As much as I loved dressing up for school on Halloween when I was a kid, I can also understand where the school is coming from. The teachers cannot be blames for wrecked costumes, and it’s unfair to them to be held responsible. Is it an example of one person “ruining” an event for all? Possibly, and I can’t help but be a little annoyed by it all. In all fairness though, the PAC hosted a Halloween family dance last Thursday where kids could dress up in their costumes, so it’s not like the school is banning Halloween altogether.
  • More holiday thoughts – do you wait until after Remembrance Day/Veteran’s Day to bust out the Christmas lights and decorations? Personally, it’s against my morals to turn on my lights before November 11, and I don’t decorate until December 1. I do, however, put my lights up in October while it’s still warmish because frostbitten fingers are no fun!!

That’s all for today, so here’s a question just for fun: What’s your favourite Halloween treat?