Thought Dump Thursday

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Thought Dump Thursday post, so here we go!

    • Loop-style giveaways. Can we talk about how annoying they are? I understand companies teaming up together to promote their products, but having to click here, then there, and like a bunch of different posts and pages is painful and time consuming. I love entering giveaways but this is my least favourite style and I avoid them.
    • Lady Doritos. If you haven’t heard about what Doritos has in store for us shame-eaters, you’ve probably been living under a rock. In a nutshell, they’re making the bags easier to open (because we’re frail, baby birds with zero dexterity) and the chips are not as crunchy (because we want to shame eat IN SECRET, DAMMIT.) Anyway, this is ridiculous and I’m going to stuff my face with cheese byproduct power regardless of how noisy they are. #eyeroll (Now I hear that Doritos has scrapped this idea. Thank goodness!)
    • I am thankful that I have a 6-month free trial of Amazon Prime because I don’t think I’d ever actually pay for the perks of having 2-day shipping. Very rarely do I actually receive my packages within 2 days of ordering, and one time I had to wait a whole week. I’ll definitely be cancelling my membership once my trail period ends.
    • Did anyone else find Justin Timberlake’s performance to be rather underwhelming at the Super Bowl Halftime Show? I mean, it was entertaining enough, but there have been far more exciting shows recently. (Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars, to name a couple.) Maybe he was trying to play it safe after NippleGate 2004 (Wikipedia link for those who live under rocks), but I expected a bit more. I will admit that I’m definitely loving his new album though.
    • Can someone please explain to me why there’s a $0.50 price difference between these two packs of iron-on clothing labels? Same brand, same quantity, the only thing that’s different are the colours:


  • I would like to go out and say openly that no television show in the history of me watching television shows has made me ugly cry more than This is Us. I am emotionally attached to every damn character in that show (except for you, Miguel) and my husband is probably questioning my mental state of mind. Still, if you watch this show and haven’t felt ALL THE FEELS, there’s something wrong with YOUR state of mind, haha.

What’s on your mind today? DUMP IT OUT in the comments!


What I’m Watching

As much as I think winter is totally lame because a) it’s cold outside, b) baseball is over, and c) it’s cold outside (or did I say that already?), it’s also wonderful because it gives me a great excuse to park my ass on the couch, stuff my face with crap food, and become a complete televison zombie.

That’s right. I’m a total junkie when it comes to televison and I WILL NOT BE SHAMED. What else am I supposed to do when my kids are giving me a spare hour? Clean? HA! ;) I’m embracing my horrible addiction and will now present to you, What I’m Watching:

This is Us – I’m loving this show and I just find myself asking “Why? HOW?” for every episode! The series premier got me hooked and I can’t stop watching. I love all the different story lines and love all the characters.

Pitch – I’m not sure the story is believable for this show, but it’s still decent enough to kill an hour of time. I get the message of the show, but I’m skeptical of how long it will last on air. I will give it a thumbs up for having Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Zack Morris no-more, but he’s great in his role.

Dancing with the Stars – I only started watching this last season, but what can I say? It’s a competition show featuring B-list celebrities and athletes and it’s fun to watch. I dropped The Voice for DWTS and have no regrets. And I enjoy yelling at the TV when ‘Merica votes the wrong people off ;)

The Walking Dead – While I think that the storyline has been a bit repetative over the years, this season just feels … different. Plus there’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan now and who can say no to Denny?

The Big Bang Theory  – It’s silly, it’s clever and it’s a great show to kill 30 minutes before bed! I love watching Sheldon & Amy’s relationship grow, and Howard and Bernadette are just hilarious.

Canada’s Worst Driver – I honestly have learned a LOT about driving just from watching this show! Whenever I’m in a sticky driving situation I just think to myself, “What would Andrew Younghusband do?” Aside from that, it’s also hard to believe that there are people who are THAT bad at driving amongst us. (Actually, fun fact: One of my mom’s coworkers was on the show a few seasons ago when she lived in Ontario.)

Lip Sync Battle – I love it when celebrities just let loose and make fun of themselves. And I love how LL Cool J gets SO into it! My favourite performances have got to be Anne Hathaway doing Wreckingball, Gine Rodriguez’s doing A Millie, and Dwayne Johnson doing Shake it Off.

Lethal Weapon – Kyle and I started watching it out of respect of the movie series, which we are huge fans of, but we’re not so sure about the TV show. I don’t know if it’s Daimon Waynes’ portrail of Roger Murtaugh or if Clayne Crawford’s Martin Riggs is a little too haywire, but we just can’t figure out our hesitation.

Grey’s Anatomy – This is the only Shondaland show I watch, and while I wouldn’t be surprised if it only has a season or two left in it, I still love it! And could Alex & Meredith just cross the friendship line for once and get together?? Please? Also, I’d really appreciate it if one of the characters just had a normal, healthy birth and delivery for once. Do me a solid, will yah Amelia? kthxbye

Of course, I cannot post this without mentioning how excited I am about GILMORE GIRLS at the end of this month!

So, what are you watching as the weather gets cold??