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SPOILER ALERT: A word of caution as this post may contain SPOILERS for the following TV series: The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19, This is Us, FBI, A Million Little Things, and Lethal Weapon. (GoT fans, you’re safe!) So skip through or mark this post as “READ” if you’re one of the “too cool for cable” kids who waits for everything to be available to download …

Well folks, summer is here just in time because all of my favourite television shows have either wrapped for the season or for LIFE. (Unless Hollywood brings them back for a “reboot” because that’s what everyone is doing these days, which I really hope it doesn’t because.) I thought I’d give my thoughts on the season or series finales of all the shows I watched this season.

The Big Bang Theory

I said back in the beginning of the 2018/2019 television season that I almost changed my PVR settings to not record The Big Bang Theory anymore. I felt that the storylines had peaked and that there wasn’t really anywhere else for the characters to go, but when it was announced that it was going to be the final season I figured I may as well see it through to the end. 

Overall, I thought the series finale really wrapped everything up quite nicely. Amy and Sheldon finally got their Nobel Prize, Raj “stayed” with Howard and Bernadette, and Leonard finally had his dream come true of having a child that would be “both smart and beautiful” with Penny. I really enjoyed that Sheldon also came to realize how his behaviour truly made his friends feel and that his apology was truly genuine. It was the perfect was to wrap everything up.

Grey’s Anatomy

To recap what happened in the season finale: Teddy delivered her and Owen’s baby, Jackson appears to go missing, Andrew was arrested, Meredith says “I love you” and Jo gets the help she needs.

My thoughts on the season finale: I’m SO GLAD that there was finally a “normal” birth on the show. Even though it happens a lot in real life, I was going to be so cheesed if Teddy gave birth in Amelia’s car. I would also like to know where the hell Jackson disappeared to, but I find he and Maggie’s relationship to be strained most of the time. Opposites attract but I think their individual passions are too different to keep them together. 

Now, I was super skeptical of DaLuca and Meredith being a couple but I’ve grown quite fond of them. That being said, I’m so mad at DaLuca for taking the fall for Meredith and really want to know how she’s going to fix everything! DON’T YOU DARE GO TO JAIL, MERE. 


This show, while a little predictable at times (it is a Dick Wolf show, after all), kind of surprised me! It had just enough drama to keep me intrigued, and maaaan, how badly do I want Maggie and O.A. to get together? (Hint: SO BAD.) Alas, it didn’t happen this season, which may be a good thing if the show is looking for some longevity. The mystery of Maggie’s murdered fiancé was solved, and Dana announced her retirement, which surprised me. 

A Million Little Things

This show is still SO heavy but it had some interesting twists! We found out (subtly) where Delilah and Jon’s daughter’s name came from, that there may be a love child from the past, and basically that Jon had a hellalot of secrets going on that no one knew about. 

I feel that this is the kind of show that you have to start watching from Day 1 or else you’ll miss a ton of information and lose track of what’s happening. Kind of like Lost but not quite. (It thankfully skips the giant polar bears and middle of nowhere hatches.) Still, I’m looking forward to seeing where the next season takes us with the characters!

This is Us

Randall and Beth were the epitome of Relationship Goals this season. I fear for Kate and Toby’s, though. And Kevin … Oh Kevin, you’re still just a hot mess.

Of course, the finale, like last season’s made me just itching to see where things go from here. Obviously, Rebecca of the future isn’t doing so great. And where was Kate during all of that? Only time will tell, I suppose!

Station 19

I think Station 19 fell under into “garbage tv” folder this season, but I still feel invested into the show and will watch it. The love triangles or whatever are getting to be a little much, although I was pretty upset when the Captain died and Vic was left heartbroken. 

Anyway, this show needs some fresh characters and less love triangles. I’ll attempt another season in the fall, but who knows if I’ll continue on for the long haul.

Santa Clarita Diet

Netflix has actually cancelled this series, which is ridiculous because it was SO good! It was a little silly, but the humour appealed to me so much and it was just starting to get good! Abby and Eric finally became a couple! Sheila turned Joel! Anyway, I’m disappointed it got the boot, so I suppose I’ll have to find something else to watch in short little bursts!

Lethal Weapon

Alas, another show that has been cancelled, but this one wasn’t so surprising! I was actually surprised with how well Seann William Scott filled the gap after Clayne Crawford left the show. He definitely proved that he’s more than just Stiffler! I really enjoyed his storyline the most – The Murtaughs’ was getting a little stale, in my opinion, so it was refreshing in a way to have someone else to pay attention to. Wesley Cole’s life was slightly more believable.

Either way, it doesn’t matter because the plug was pulled on the series since Damon Wayans announced he was leaving. To have neither of the original cast members fulfilling the most iconic cop duo roles and have the show go on doesn’t make sense. I’ll miss the show, but at the same time, I won’t. 

Tell me, are you happy or unhappy with how your favourite shows ended this season? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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