Thought Dump Thursday

Welcome to another (overdue) edition of Thought Dump Thursday, where I throw out all my mind garbage into the open…

  • I’m curious to know how long someone stays engaged while watching Instagram Stories. I know each “slide” only lasts 15 seconds, but how long do you watch before checking out? Personally, I’ll watch the first 30 seconds or so to see if it engages me, but I generally swipe left if I see a huge row of tiny little lines at the top of someone’s story, or I’ll rapidly tap through just to clear it out of my feed. (Sometimes there IS something interesting in all of that.)

UPDATE: I FIGURED OUT HOW TO MUTE STORIES! Salvation has been found.

  • Those who tell me that babies are easier than puppies are crazy. Sure, I’m constantly yelling at the dogs to stop roughhousing, but Sam isn’t waking me up four times a night needing to eat or have his diaper changed, plus my boobs aren’t leaking milk everywhere and I’m not feeling like a shell of a human.
  • Can someone please explain to me the hype behind Rachel Hollis? This is an honest request because I don’t understand it. People seem to love or hate her, and I can kind of see why from both sides. I’ve read none of her books but judging by the reviews it’s not my cup of tea.
  • I wish that on Instagram there was an option for people to send a short message along with Follow requests. I’ve had a few requests lately from fitness-type accounts, (mainly from the US as well) but I have no idea how they came across my profile. Aside from the odd running-related post, my Instagram account isn’t fitness-y at all.
  • Is anyone else super skeptical of the new live version of Aladdin? I love Will Smith and all, but I’m not sold on him as the Genie and will be a Robin Williams loyalist until the day I die on this one. I’m also on the fence with the revised Dumbo movie coming out. This may make me sound like I had a horrible childhood, but I promise you, I didn’t! I’m just a Disney purist. I’m all for Toy Story 4 though.
  • Using the word “Millennial” makes me cringe, (I hate being lumped into this stereotype of a generation) but anyone who can be considered a Millennial should never plead ignorance to not knowing or realize that their social media posts are open to the public, especially when they get called out for posting rather controversial memes and content.

2 thoughts on “Thought Dump Thursday

  1. Haaa I have been following the story you referenced in your last bullet from afar. Very very interesting, that’s for sure! I haven’t read anything by Rachel Hollis but from what I’ve seen about her and what her books are about she is not my cup of tea at all, either.


  2. For Instagram Stories, it depends! Some people I follow have really interesting Stories and it doesn’t matter if there are a bunch of tiny dots, I’ll watch every one of the Stories. I’ve muted a LOT of people, though, so I really only see Stories from people I like hearing from.

    I fall in the hate camp for Rachel Hollis because she’s written harmful things about fat people and blatantly steals quotes from other people. She’s not someone to admire, IMO.



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