Seven Months

7 Months

At seven months, Norah:

  • Weighs 19.2lbs!
  • Has 2 teeth!
  • Is eating solids/purees! So far she’s loving vegetable Mum Mum crackers, yams, potatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes. And, of course, making a mess in the process: ;)


  • Can move around by pulling herself along the floor with her arms.
  • Has caught another cold thanks to her sister and really dislikes the snot-sucker.
  • Is pulling herself up on things but not to standing. I should probably lower her crib sooner rather than later …



  • Am still very much on the fence as to whether or not I want another kid. Ugh. I’ll have moments where I’m totally down with a third child and then there are days where I’d like to lock myself in the bathroom and lay in the bathtub in the fetal position.
  • Fit into my skinniest pre-pregnancy jeans and considered that a win!
  • May actually start some 5K training this year after all. There’s just over 90 days until the race I’m thinking about running, so that should be plenty of time, right? Right!

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9 thoughts on “Seven Months

  1. How is she 7 months old already?!? I probably say that every month, lol. Topher was never sick as a baby but Ellie almost always had some sort of cold … I blame Topher’s preschool! She had to have saline spray in her nose before eating/sleeping for almost the entire first year of her life (doctor’s orders!) – it was so bad that even now she cries when she sees the spray in the medicine cabinet! I love Norah’s little rolls – she’s adorable :)


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