Three Months

3 Months

At three months, Norah:

  • Weighs about 16lbs!
  • Is full of silly smiles and gets super excited when she sees something she likes. Usually her excitement is shown with squeals and frantic leg kicking, and it’s adorable.
  • Likes to sit in her Bumbo seat for short periods of time, usually just long enough for my to shovel some dinner into my facehole, before freaking out.
  • Really needs some clothes of her own. While it’s SUPER convenient that all of Isla’s old clothes fit her perfectly, I feel bad that she’s cursed as the hand-me-down child. She has a few sleepers and onesies of her own, but the poor girl is going to have a complex when she’s older if I keep dressing her in her sister’s old stuff. (Case in point: Other than her chalkboard photo at the top, all clothes she’s wearing in the photos are hand-me-downs.)
  • Can roll over! She hasn’t perfected it, but just the past Friday she managed to get enough momentum to roll from her back to her belly. It’s pretty funny to watch her try and get it done because she gets so frustrated in the process.


  • Might be starting to show signs that her eyes are changing colour. I really hope they don’t change to brown, but they’re looking darker these days. I’m going to miss those baby blue eyes! :(


  • Need to learn how to ask for help more often, especially when it’s being offered. Last week Norah was having fit because she’s a baby and can’t tell me what’s wrong. It was bedtime, she didn’t want to nurse and she had some major gassy issues. I was obviously stressed out but wasn’t asking Kyle for help. He finally took the initiative and got Norah some gripe water (which helped the gas issue) and she eventually fell asleep while I stood and swayed back and forth (as opposed to our usual position of sitting and rocking). After I got her to bed, Kyle told me to just say I need help instead of trying to do it all myself and stressing out. I really need to remember that I’m not alone in this and that I don’t have to be some kind of Super Mom.
  • Am at a the lovely point of post-pregnancy “fun” where your hair starts to fall out by the fistful and you have breakouts like a 12-year old boy. Fun times! If there are any creeps out there who want to make a hair doll out of my strays, gimmie a jingle.
  • Have started taking steps to get my butt in gear for my Couch to 5K training. I found a workout schedule to follow so now it’s just a matter of getting onto the treadmill. According to the schedule, I should be set to go in nine weeks, so we’ll see! That gives me plenty of time to train before the fun run I plan to enter. I’ve yet to decide if I want to blog about my training since I’m not a super fitnessy person, but I figure it might be a good motivator to post my progress.

One month
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