Weekend Update

This weekend gave us a little bit of a preview of the fall weather that’s rapidly coming our way!

Kyle went hunting in the morning but the girls and I didn’t get up to much. Norah worked hard on rolling over and eventually succeeded! My mom came and picked Isla up in the afternoon and had her over for a sleepover, so Kyle and I decided to go out for dinner (and Norah, of course). We tried a new restaurant and while the food was good, the service was subpar. Luckily, Norah slept almost the entire time and didn’t fuss, so we were able to somewhat enjoy our time! After that we came home and watched an episode of Longmire on Netflix before heading to bed.


Trying to roll means wiggling her way sideways!

Norah woke up just after 7 after sleeping through the night. While that doesn’t happen every night I’m glad she did since her sister wasn’t home! Kyle and I lazed around most of the morning and then decided to head to the mall to do a little Christmas shopping. (Awful, I know, but he has his grandma’s name for our Christmas draw and she leaves mid-October to snowbird, so we have to buy gifts early!) We came home in time for the Blue Jays game and my mom brought Isla home around 3. Kyle cooked a yummy roast for dinner and we all tried to go to bed early. (Isla and Norah did, Kyle and I failed, as per usual.)

Norah was up around 6:40 and Isla was awake about 30 minutes later. Kyle was heading out for breakfast with his uncle but he managed to make me coffee, get Isla her breakfast, put the dishes away, and bring up the clean laundry before he left. (Best Husband Award, right there!) Norah managed to fall back to sleep for another hour and a half after she nursed, so I managed to eat breakfast, drink my coffee and shower before she woke up. Sunday is our grocery shopping day, so I got Norah dressed and we headed out to the store! After that we watched the Blue Jays play and headed outside to play for a bit before heading to Kyle’s mom’s for a visit. The rest of the day was pretty standard – dinner, bath time for the girls, and quality TV watching after they went to bed! Weekends be cray-zay here, yo ;)

How was your weekend?


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