Weekend Wrap-Up

Long weekends are wonderful, but even more so when it’s to honour those who served our country so we can enjoy our rights and freedoms as Canadians. Here’s what we got up do on this past Remembrance Day long weekend:


It *just barely* snowed Friday morning, but it was definitely safe to say that winter has finally arrived. Isla’s school had their Remembrance Day ceremony and her class was performing a song, so I headed over to watch that at her request. After school Isla had a friend come over to play for a little bit, and then the rest of the afternoon was spent lounging and being relatively lazy.


We opted to tackle our grocery shopping in the morning as Kyle’s dad was coming by for a visit in the afternoon. He and Kyle ended up going to run some errands, so the girls and I bunkered down and rented Hotel Transylvania 3.

I also managed to score my mom and I tickets to see the Backstreet Boys in Vancouver next summer! I was a diehard fan back when they first hit the scene in 1996(?) and went to their first world tour concert in Vancouver all those years ago, so I’m super excited to be going again almost 20 years later!



A while ago I had bought Isla and I tickets to see the Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker, so Sunday afternoon we finally got to go! It was a really wonderful performance and Isla loved every moment of it. The cool part was that local dance students were able to audition and be a part of the ballet, so Isla really enjoyed seeing some of her fellow dance-mates perform.


Sunday evening we had friends visit for a couple of hours, so we had a battle of Catch Phrase and it was hilarious!


Norah spoiled me by sleeping in until 7 am! Normally she’s up around 6, so when I woke up ON MY OWN just before 7 I was pretty elated.

I had decided that yesterday was going to be the day that I took our Christmas card photos, so I got our stuff together for that and headed off to the location I figured would work best. I like to *try* and do something different every year, but I can only imagine this is going to become more and more challenging as years go on. Either way, the girls were pretty cooperative (partially due to some stern coaching/warning from me), and I managed to get a few decent shots to choose from for our cards.

After that was done, we went down and visited my mom for lunch/the afternoon. It was sunny enough to scooter/walk down to the school so the girls could play, so it was nice to get outside and enjoy some fresh air while we still could! Both Isla and Norah just rip on their scooters too – it’s pretty funny listening/watching Norah try to keep up with Isla.


After we were done at the park the girls had some hot chocolate and built puzzles with my mom while I had a quick power nap on the couch, haha. Soon it was time to head home and make dinner so we could get ready to head back to our regular routine!

How was your weekend?!

Weekend Wrap-up

Ahoy there! I haven’t done a simple wrap-up post in a while, and while had a pretty eventful weekend it was low-key compared to the last few weeks, so I thought I’d toss a quick post together for this fine Monday morning!

We were treated to the most spectacular sunrise and had a relatively quiet morning around the house. I put the finishing touches on a quick DIY Halloween costume for myself; I hadn’t really planned on dressing up but Isla’s school is hosting a family Halloween dance and costumes are highly encouraged so … I guess I didn’t want to be *that* parent, haha. I bought a red shirt and some fabric paint from Michael’s and a headband with antennae from the dollar store and for less than $15 I’m dressing up as a ladybug! Photos eventually

Isla had the day off from school, so we met up with some friends at the park after lunch and they played for a couple hours until it was time to go! I popped some popcorn to feed the ducks and the girls all thought that was great as well.


Later that afternoon we all went down to Kyle’s mom’s to celebrate her birthday a few days early. The girls were exhausted by the time we went home and slept like champs that night!

Again, we didn’t have too many plans for the day, but I did manage to make it out to the polling station to vote in the municipal election!


Overall, I’m happy with the way the results panned out and I’m looking forward to seeing where the next four years takes our city.

After lunch the girls and I went and visited my grandpa for a couple hours! It’s been so nice having him in town now, and the girls are both so lucky to have so many grandparents in their lives! (Even though sometimes they forget which grandparent is which, lol.)

Oh yes, and I cannot forget to mention that Isla lost her first tooth as well! She’s had a wiggly one forEVER and on Saturday I was finally able to help her pull it out. She panicked a little bit because it bled and hurt afterwards, but once that subsided she agreed that it wasn’t so bad and was SO happy that she’ll be able to join the Missing Tooth Club at school.


Also – I will admit that seeing her toothless smile makes me feel SO SAD because it’s another milestone proving that she’s only getting bigger and that time is moving too quickly!

We had a pretty routine day for the most part; Kyle treated us to pancakes for breakfast and the girls just lounged around for most of the morning. I went and bought the groceries for the week, and then after lunch we decided to take advantage of the sunshine and headed outside to do a bit of light yard work.

We also went and had a “Bon Voyage” visit with Kyle’s grandparents as they are heading off on their annual snow birding vacation soon! Kyle and I both agree that while we didn’t really understand people’s desire to snowbird when we were young, we totally get it now. I don’t know if it’s going to be a part of our retirement plan, but you never know! Chasing summer isn’t such a bad thing, I don’t think!

How was your weekend?

August Wrap-up

Tomorrow is September! How did that happen?! August just kind of flew right by, didn’t it? We kept things pretty busy around here during the month, so I’ll just do a quick recap of what we got up to:

Hot Nite

The second Saturday in August calls for the annual Hot Nite in the City Show & Shine, and the girls and I headed downtown with my mom & stepdad to check out all the classic cars. It was a lovely break from the smoke we had been having, and it was just warm enough to not be uncomfortable.

We stopped and got some gourmet poutine before heading home, and Norah was clearly a fan:


Road Trip #1

The girls and I went over to visit my dad for a couple of nights in Vernon. We were worried that it might get too smoky to do anything fun, but thankfully the smoke stayed away and we were able to enjoy the sunny weather! We hit the beach a couple of times and the girls had the best time ever, and we made a trip to the kangaroo farm which was obviously a hit! Our first night was a bit rough because of giant ice cream cones way too close to bedtime, but the girls had so much fun so I guess it was worth it.





Road Trip #2

The next weekend Kyle and I dropped the girls off at my mom’s and Campbell off at doggy daycare and flew solo on a trip to the Fraser Valley to watch Joe Rogan do a stand-up comedy show! It was seriously THE BEST and my face hurt from laughing so hard. I’ll admit that his style of comedy most definitely isn’t for anyone, but man, he makes some good points in the most hilariously offensive way possible. If you enjoy his podcasts you’d definitely enjoy his show.


After the show we drove into Langley to stay with friends for a couple nights. I managed to sneak in a quick trip to Ikea and bought ALL THE THINGS (not really – I resisted on a lot of cute knick-knacks) and was satisfied with my purchases. We had an awesome dinner and stayed up way too late just talking about life. The morning we had to leave we went to this great little place called Beatniks where I had the most amazing Crab Cake Eggs Benedict. If you’re ever passing through, it’s definitely worth the quick detour!

Our drive home was rainy but BC definitely needs it, so we didn’t complain too much.

Oh yes, and we brought home a whole bunch of snails for the girls to keep as pets! They just hang out on the sidewalk when it rains, so Kyle collected about 14 of them to bring home to show the girls. He ended up making a pretty awesome habitat for them, and they’re actually pretty neat to watch!


Other bits

We filled in the random gaps of the month with various things: Kyle worked on the support beams and posts for our deck to protect them from the elements, we both tackled painting the deck stairs, I took the girls to the indoor jungle gym to burn off some of their energy, and generally just savoured the last bit of summer break! It’s hard to believe that school starts on Tuesday and we’ll be crashing into a busy schedule once again; Isla and Norah will both have swimming lessons twice a week, while Isla will be in dance once again (focusing solely on ballet now) and Norah is signed up for 10 weeks of ninja school! (You know that show America Ninja Warrior? That’s what she’ll be learning!) Oh, and I’ll be starting my schoolwork again after taking the summer off. Whew!