Weekend Wrap-up

Ahoy there! I haven’t done a simple wrap-up post in a while, and while had a pretty eventful weekend it was low-key compared to the last few weeks, so I thought I’d toss a quick post together for this fine Monday morning!

We were treated to the most spectacular sunrise and had a relatively quiet morning around the house. I put the finishing touches on a quick DIY Halloween costume for myself; I hadn’t really planned on dressing up but Isla’s school is hosting a family Halloween dance and costumes are highly encouraged so … I guess I didn’t want to be *that* parent, haha. I bought a red shirt and some fabric paint from Michael’s and a headband with antennae from the dollar store and for less than $15 I’m dressing up as a ladybug! Photos eventually

Isla had the day off from school, so we met up with some friends at the park after lunch and they played for a couple hours until it was time to go! I popped some popcorn to feed the ducks and the girls all thought that was great as well.


Later that afternoon we all went down to Kyle’s mom’s to celebrate her birthday a few days early. The girls were exhausted by the time we went home and slept like champs that night!

Again, we didn’t have too many plans for the day, but I did manage to make it out to the polling station to vote in the municipal election!


Overall, I’m happy with the way the results panned out and I’m looking forward to seeing where the next four years takes our city.

After lunch the girls and I went and visited my grandpa for a couple hours! It’s been so nice having him in town now, and the girls are both so lucky to have so many grandparents in their lives! (Even though sometimes they forget which grandparent is which, lol.)

Oh yes, and I cannot forget to mention that Isla lost her first tooth as well! She’s had a wiggly one forEVER and on Saturday I was finally able to help her pull it out. She panicked a little bit because it bled and hurt afterwards, but once that subsided she agreed that it wasn’t so bad and was SO happy that she’ll be able to join the Missing Tooth Club at school.


Also – I will admit that seeing her toothless smile makes me feel SO SAD because it’s another milestone proving that she’s only getting bigger and that time is moving too quickly!

We had a pretty routine day for the most part; Kyle treated us to pancakes for breakfast and the girls just lounged around for most of the morning. I went and bought the groceries for the week, and then after lunch we decided to take advantage of the sunshine and headed outside to do a bit of light yard work.

We also went and had a “Bon Voyage” visit with Kyle’s grandparents as they are heading off on their annual snow birding vacation soon! Kyle and I both agree that while we didn’t really understand people’s desire to snowbird when we were young, we totally get it now. I don’t know if it’s going to be a part of our retirement plan, but you never know! Chasing summer isn’t such a bad thing, I don’t think!

How was your weekend?


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