Weekend Wrap-Up

Long weekends are wonderful, but even more so when it’s to honour those who served our country so we can enjoy our rights and freedoms as Canadians. Here’s what we got up do on this past Remembrance Day long weekend:


It *just barely* snowed Friday morning, but it was definitely safe to say that winter has finally arrived. Isla’s school had their Remembrance Day ceremony and her class was performing a song, so I headed over to watch that at her request. After school Isla had a friend come over to play for a little bit, and then the rest of the afternoon was spent lounging and being relatively lazy.


We opted to tackle our grocery shopping in the morning as Kyle’s dad was coming by for a visit in the afternoon. He and Kyle ended up going to run some errands, so the girls and I bunkered down and rented Hotel Transylvania 3.

I also managed to score my mom and I tickets to see the Backstreet Boys in Vancouver next summer! I was a diehard fan back when they first hit the scene in 1996(?) and went to their first world tour concert in Vancouver all those years ago, so I’m super excited to be going again almost 20 years later!



A while ago I had bought Isla and I tickets to see the Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker, so Sunday afternoon we finally got to go! It was a really wonderful performance and Isla loved every moment of it. The cool part was that local dance students were able to audition and be a part of the ballet, so Isla really enjoyed seeing some of her fellow dance-mates perform.


Sunday evening we had friends visit for a couple of hours, so we had a battle of Catch Phrase and it was hilarious!


Norah spoiled me by sleeping in until 7 am! Normally she’s up around 6, so when I woke up ON MY OWN just before 7 I was pretty elated.

I had decided that yesterday was going to be the day that I took our Christmas card photos, so I got our stuff together for that and headed off to the location I figured would work best. I like to *try* and do something different every year, but I can only imagine this is going to become more and more challenging as years go on. Either way, the girls were pretty cooperative (partially due to some stern coaching/warning from me), and I managed to get a few decent shots to choose from for our cards.

After that was done, we went down and visited my mom for lunch/the afternoon. It was sunny enough to scooter/walk down to the school so the girls could play, so it was nice to get outside and enjoy some fresh air while we still could! Both Isla and Norah just rip on their scooters too – it’s pretty funny listening/watching Norah try to keep up with Isla.


After we were done at the park the girls had some hot chocolate and built puzzles with my mom while I had a quick power nap on the couch, haha. Soon it was time to head home and make dinner so we could get ready to head back to our regular routine!

How was your weekend?!


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