Seven Months

At seven months …

– Weighs 19.1lbs! Up less than a pound from last month, but she’s much more active these days.

– Is SO close to crawling! She gets up on her hands and knees with the intention to move but can’t quite put 2+2 together. There have been many-a-faceplants in our household. For now she’s just rolling, twisting and turning towards everything she wants. She’s also pushing herself backwards with her hands on our laminate flooring. It’s quite hilarious.

– Loves to eat and learn about new foods. She eats her wheat cereal in the morning and we’ve been experimenting with different solids. So far we’ve tried banana, applesauce (unsweetened!), yam, green beans, butternut squash, avocado and carrots. She seems to love most of them, except for avocado.

– Has FINALLY cut her first tooth! After months of drooling and crankiness, it has finally made an appearance. It’s not 100% up yet, but the top has poked through. I’m pretty sure I see Tooth #2 coming up as well. Oh my.

– Is LOUD. If she’s not playing on the floor with her toys, she’s yelling joyously in the house, which has made Kyle’s post-nightshift sleeps a challenge. I’m starting to nest in our ice locker of a basement so we can retreat down there during the day. We have a little space heater and our old flat screen is down there, so it’s starting to get nice and cozy! Plus, the carpet down there is ideal for encouraging Isla to crawl.

– Have gotten over my fear of being in public in a bathing suit. It only took a couple of swimming lesson sessions, but I just reming myself that I’m surrounded by women who have gone through the same thing as I and probably have the same insecurities. And – props to me – I am the only mom who wears a legit two-piece bathing suit. I must add that I am most definitely NOT over my distaste for public pools, specifically the change rooms. There’s hair on the floor and that just freaks me right out.

– Am going to talk to a lactation consultant about weening/pumping. With Isla being on solids now she’s not as interested in nursing during the day, and I’m lost on how to properly ween without my boobs exploding. Because, IT HURTS.

– Have lost all of my pregnancy weight and then some. I actually haven’t weighed this much since high school, when I was all physically active playing soccer and whatnot. I don’t even understand it! Not that I’m complaining; I’m glad I didn’t have to battle with pregnancy weight. (Yes, feel free to toss in a few, “You skinny bitch!” comments.) Now to get myself toned up. My ass? Non-existent. It’s sad.

– Get to go out kid-free on Thursday! There’s a get-together for the journalism school alumni so Kyle has volunteered to watch Isla for a couple hours. We’ll see how it goes!


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