Listy Friday

What the hell? How is it February already? Apparently I kept myself busy in January because where it went is BEYOND me.

Anyway, here’s today’s random list of pointless ramblings:

– I went out last night for a couple hours ALL BY MYSELF. Which means, Kyle stayed at home with Isla. Well, his mom was with him to help, but still – I WAS BY MYSELF! And it was glorious! There was an alumni event for the journalism school folks and it was actually a lot of fun! It was great to see old classmates and to just have a good time baby-free. There were some keynote speakers, including a certain someone, who talked about blogging, social media and journalism today and it was interesting to hear their thoughts.

– I would like to take a moment to bitch and complain about the TAG IN THIS SHIRT THAT I’M WEARING THAT’S DRIVING ME INSANE RIGHT NOW. And it’s Kyle’s shirt so I’m not even authorized to cut it out. UGH.

– I’ve been getting creative in the kitchen lately with some great successes! Of course, I have Pinterest to thank for most of the meals, but they’ve been a hit with Kyle so I’m pretty stoked about it. And of course, I’ve sucked at documenting my meals. Anyway, I’ve made this broccoli mac & cheese and these cilantro & lime chicken tacos and they were so tasty!

– Isla only has two swimming lessons left! As much as public pools still creep me out, I’m going to miss going swimming with her. Who knows, maybe I’ll buy a pass so we can go more often. She probably won’t go back for lessons again until the fall.

– My Jo Totes camera bag arrived and it is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! The photo certainly doesn’t do the colour of this bag any justice, but loooook at it’s prettiness:

– I could care less about the Superbowl this weekend. Football doesn’t interest me in the slightest, but I’ll say go 49ers since San Francisco won the World Series.

– It’s now naptime in my house. I suppose that’s it for this post.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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