Nine Months

At nine months …

– Weighs 20.8lbs. She’s not gaining as much, but she’s getting taller and thinning out a bit. Her legs aren’t quite as chunky anymore, but they’re still deliciously rolly.

– Crawls! She’s become a champion crawler and the baby gate across the top of the stairs must now stay closed at all times since she motors everywhere. It’s amazing to watch her independence as she explores the house.

– Climbs. This does not sit well with me as she’s pulling herself up on everything and anything she can. We have a bookcase in our living room and her toys sit on the bottom shelf; she decided she wanted the books on the next shelf up, so she pulled herself up there, and as she was pulling a book down, she fell backwards and bonked her head pretty good on the floor. After a snuggle, she was just fine and right back to it. Ugh.

– Is now being bottle-fed breast milk. Let me tell you – it wasn’t easy getting her to drink from a bottle, and it took a LOT of patience and willpower to get her going on it. But, we’ve finally found success and I’m soooo glad. It’s not necessarily the freedom for me, but it will make the process of going to breast milk to cow’s milk a lot easier.

– Eats meat! We started introducing her to meat on a regular basis last week. So far she’s having chicken that’s been poached and she really likes it! I’m happy to see that she’s taking to new textures and flavours relatively well.

– Am waiting to hear back the results of the MRI I had on my liver on Monday. It was a follow-up scan from one I had a couple years ago (before I got pregnant) to check on some nodes that were spotted on my liver. I’m sure they are nothing, but there’s always that little hint of doubt in the back of your mind.

– Both hate and like pumping milk for Isla. Hate it because it’s time consuming (I use a manual pump) and like it because Isla drinks a bottle way faster than she nurses. My ultimate goal is to feed her breast milk until she’s a year old, so we’ll see how this goes. Since I started pumping my supply has been noticeably lower some days, and others it’s ridiculous. I just don’t understand it.

– Think I need to start making lists of questions to ask the doctor during Isla’s 9 month check up next week because I just cannot keep track of them all.

– Seriously miss sports. I ended up not signing up for soccer because I realized that large amount of cardio vascular activity will probably kill me. Running around for 90 minutes straight? Not a chance. I could do it in high school, but these days I can barely walk up the hill near my house without passing out. Pathetic.

– Have come to realize that I don’t like holding other people’s babies. I’m not saying I have anything against babies, because I obviously don’t, but I feel awkward around other babies. For example – I went to a baby shower on Sunday and didn’t hold the baby once. I stood next to her, played with her feet a little, but didn’t ask to hold her and didn’t jump up when someone asked “Who wants to hold her next?” Am I weird? I have no idea why I don’t like to hold babies, because I love cuddling my own. :P


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