Eleven Months

At eleven months …

– Weighs 22.7lbs (post-meal, I might add). Technically, she is now within the weight limit to go forward-facing in her car seat, but I think I’m going to wait just a little longer to turn her around.

– Has four teeth and seems to be cutting more, poor girl. I believe their her next two bottom teeth, but I’m certain I can also feel her next two top teeth right below the gums as well. Thank goodness they come is as pairs, because I don’t think either of us could handle 20 teeth coming in one at a time!

– Plays peek-a-boo, claps her hands and gives kisses (sometimes) when asked! She also seems to know how to shake her head “No” sometimes. This past weekend I asked her to clap her hands and she shook her head and didn’t clap. So I asked her again, and she responded again with head shaking! Are we beginning the rebellious phase already? I sure hope not!

– Can walk with her walker! While she’s been “couch-walking” for a while now, she hasn’t been brave enough to let go and walk on her own. I’m hoping the forward momentum of the walker will encourage her to walk all by herself. (Not that I’m necessarily ready for that – She’s busy enough just crawling!

– Loves to feed herself! We’ve moved from pureed-type solids to actual “chunks” of food, and she loves grabbing handfuls of food and shoving them in her mouth. She’s quite proud of herself, and gets pretty upset when I try to step in and help her eat, lol.

– Am starting to come to realize that I’m really not going back to work in a couple weeks. I know the news broke quite some time ago, but I kind of pushed it aside and forgot about it. I need to start thinking about what I want to do career-wise, whether or not I want to stay in the journalism field or do something completely different and find a field with more economical stability.

– Am looking forward of the things to come this month. Kyle and I will be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary in a couple days, Isla’s going to turn 1 (!!!), and there’s lots of fun things going on in between. June has always been a good month to us, so I’m hoping it stays that way.

– Really need to get my kid a haircut. It’s getting out of control, and she tends to pull her hair clips out of her hair when it’s the least convenient (like when she’s in her car seat and I can’t pull over to take it out of her hand). I promise to get it done before her first birthday next month!


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