Five Months

At five months …

– Weighs 17.4lbs!

– Is already wearing 6-month clothing. Actually, she started wearing them at the beginning of this month. In other words, she’s ENORMOUS.

– Is a mover! She’s not crawling quite yet, but she’s definitely trying to. Whenever I put her down on the floor on her back she immediately rolls over onto her tummy (which results in her barfing). She also wiggles her way sideways all the time and has done a couple of barrel roles from her back to tummy and then back to her back again. I have a feeling she’s going to be a little hurricane when she’s actually mobile!

– Knows what she wants! If she sees something that she wants to have in her hands, she reaches out to grab it and gets quite upset if she can’t get it. My glasses are no longer safe on my face, to say the least.

– Explores her surroundings. She loves to look around at everything and it’s amazing to see how aware she is of everything. Her exersaucer has provided her with tons of things to touch and see!

– Tried rice cereal for the first time earlier this week. It was pretty funny watching her try to eat it and she wound up just wearing most of it on her face. I don’t think she has quite mastered swallowing anything but breastmilk, but she’ll get it eventually, I’m sure.

– Am getting into the Christmas spirit! I’m really excited to get the house decorated and get our Christmas tree this year. Isla’s first Christmas is going to be so amazing :)

– Have a receding hairline. Kind of. The hair up near my temples is thinning out like crazy – most likely due to post-pregnancy hormones. Anyway, it’s scary and gross and a little creepy. I’m hoping my hair dresser can create something amazing when I see her next week.

– Am meeting with my doctor today to discuss new B/C options. They’re limited since I’m nursing still, but I’m hoping he has some good options for me that will allow me to keep nursing.

– Keep having dreams that I’m pregnant again and am about to give birth. Good thing I’m going to the doctor today.


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