One Month

I’m borrowing this Month-to-Month baby photo idea from Kathleen. You should probably go check out her blog, because her little girl, Meredith, is pretty darn cute! And, I think she’s the only baby who I’ve seen that has more hair than Isla :)

So, at one month:

– Is finally getting into a schedule of some sort. She’ll sleep for 2-3 hours and then wake up to be fed, burped, and changed. Then, within an hour or so, she’ll be back to sleep. It’s quite lovely, because now I can actually plan and schedule my day.

– Outgrew her newborn-sized diapers a couple weeks ago. Well, maybe not outgrew, but she fit them so instead of buying more newborn diapers we just put on her Size 1 nappies. Works for me!

– Still fits her newborn clothes, but some of them are getting too small. She has a cute pair of green shorts that match the outfit in the photo, but they cut into her little chubby legs (love them!) so I won’t make her wear them anymore.

– Has cockatiel hair! The hair around the crown of her head just sticks up all the time and there’s nothing I can do to make it stay down. It’s the cutest thing.

– Smiles when I talk to her in silly voices, and looks at me as if I’m crazy. (And so it begins, lol)

– Jerks her arms around when we touch her while she’s sleeping. It’s the funniest thing and Kyle and I love to mock her. (We’re horrible, I know!)

– Has slept for four hours straight a couple times during the night, both times scaring the crap out of me because I woke up before she did and thought she was dead. It was great being able to sleep for four hours straight though, MUCH better than the 2 hours I normally get.


– Am finally all adjusted to my new “normal.” The first two weeks of parenthood were hard and frustrating, but now I know why she may be crying, it’s much easier.

– Am learning that it’s okay to just let her cry for a while if I’m in the middle of doing something (like showering).

– Don’t like to bedshare, but will bring her into bed with me or sleep on the couch with her if she’s being super fussy and just won’t go to sleep.

– Am still too shy to nurse in public, or in front of anyone other than Kyle or my mom.

– Watch way too much daytime television. I can feel my brain rotting.

– Can now survive on only a few hours of sleep per night, but I won’t resist a nap when I can get one in.

– Have ventured out on my own with her a few times, and each time it gets easier. I’ve also noticed that only one store that I shop at has a shopping cart that easily fits her carseat. Blarg. Also – Her carseat is HEAVY. I’ll have buff arms before I know it.

– Will eventually adjust to my post-baby body. I have tummy flab and stretch marks, but I’m slowly accepting them. Hopefully they slowly go away. Maybe I’ll start exercising. Ha – Who am I kidding?

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