Eight Months

At eight months …

– Weighs 20.4lbs and is about 28″ tall!

– Has two teeth! Her bottom two chompers have come in and it’s a wonderful thing! She looks so cute with her little teeth, and so far, she’s only bitten me twice. (To which I screamed “Ouch!” and Isla stopped, looked at me, and proceeded to cry.)

– Wiggles EVERYWHERE. She’s not crawling, but she wiggles, twists and turns her way around the room. It’s SOOO cute to watch her, and then I have to run and grab her before she grabs/destroys/eats/whatevers something. Some baby proofing has been done, but there’s room for improvement. She just loves to explore!

– Loves to make noise, whether it’s yelling, talking to herself, smashing blocks on the ground, playing with the grating on the fireplace (not while it’s on, obviously!) or playing with her musical toys. She’s starting to understand “cause and effect” and while it’s super cute to watch, not not necessarily fun to listen to.

– Is a chatterbox, kind of. She’s figured out “Mamamamamama,” “Dadadadadada,” “Bababababababa,” and is making “Ssssssss” noises. I’m pretty sure she hasn’t associated “Mama” or “Dada” with Kyle or I, and I’m pretty sure “Bababa” will turn out to be Campbell since we’re always yelling at him for some reason or another. She’s also getting the hang of waving “Goodbye” by just sticking her hand up in the air. It’s pretty stinkin’ cute. Proof:

– Blows raspberries! And as a side effect, also blows spit everywhere.

– Am mentally preparing myself for the weaning process. I have an MRI at the end of this month and am not allow to nurse her for 24hrs afterwards, so I figure it will be a good time to start. This way, we’ll be good by the time I have to go back to work. And not to sound selfish or anything, but I can’t wait to get my boobs back to myself and sleep bra-less.

– Will be travelling to Vancouver at the end of April with my mom and Isla for some girl time and shopping! I’m super excited for this trip and the hotel has been booked, so there’s no stopping now! Plans include lunch with friends, visiting my brother, Ikea and the lululemon factory outlet. I’ve already programmed my GPS – this is how excited I am.

– Am trying to decide if I want to join a women’s recreational soccer league. I was going to play slo-pitch again, but since the games are back-to-back double headers, it will be too much work trying to juggle playing and finding someone to watch Isla for 4 hours. Soccer sounds like it’s just once or twice a week, and it will be great cardio! I haven’t played in YEARS, so we’ll see what happens!


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