Tiny Happy Tuesday xii

I’ve had a cloud of grief and dreariness hanging over my head for the past few days, so I’m digging deep and relishing in all the tiny happies that have popped up between the cracks:

  • A quick road trip with my mom and the girls for a little shopping.
  • Isla rocking swimming lessons and being able to swim without assistance in the “big pool.”
  • Enough sunshine on Sunday to go for a quick walk with Kyle and the girls.
  • Norah’s unconditional love and admiration for animals.
  • And this is nowhere near a tiny happy, but my amazing friend Melissa painted this portrait of Daphne and I am absolutely in awe of her kindness. It captures her perfectly and I was truly speechless when I discovered it in my mailbox:

Photo by @patternsabuzz on IG

That’s all for today. Now it’s your turn, what tiny happy has popped up in your life lately?

Tiny Happy Tuesday xi


  • We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with our families, and for that I am grateful.
  • Our deck project is nearly complete and while it’s starting to get chilly we’re still hoping to be able to enjoy it during the day when it’s sunny.
  • Isla is enjoying school SO much and I am so glad. She’s made a ton of friends and it makes me smile when I see her running up to them when we get to the school in the morning.
  • Norah is slowly starting to get the hang of potty training, and I’ll be happy when I don’t have to change diapers anymore.
  • I’m looking forward to Kyle and I’s trip to Las Vegas next week. A few people have asked us how we feel about going due to the tragic event last week, but the way we see it is, if we cancel our trip and let fear control our decisions, the bad guys win. They cannot will not win.

Tell me something happy in your life <3


Tiny Happy Tuesday X

My cup is feeling pretty full these days and so I’d thought I’d link up with Hillary for Tiny Happy Tuesday.

  • Norah’s vocabulary is growing pretty rapidly and on her birthday she picked up (very quickly), “Happy Birthday!” It’s the cutest thing ever and don’t you doubt me.
  • Isla is going camping next week with my mom and stepdad for 5 whole nights and I don’t even know what I’m going to do with myself! Maybe Norah and I will hit up the farmer’s market. Maybe we’ll just nap. Maaaaaaybe I’ll purge all the unnecessary toys in this dang house. Either way, we’re both excited!
  • I finally got around to booking the spa visit Kyle and the girls got me for my birthday. I cannot wait!
  • Spotify’s “retro” playlists are everything amazing and songs that I’ve long forgotten about since high school are popping back up in my life. How did I ever forget about Ja Rule and Kid Rock?
  • I’ll probably be jinxing myself, but Norah has been sleeping through the night and I’m am sooooooo #thankful for that. I’ll still probably need to sleep for 3-straight months to completely catch up on my sleep, but I’ll take what I can get.

What’s making you happy today?