Tiny Happy Tuesday X

My cup is feeling pretty full these days and so I’d thought I’d link up with Hillary for Tiny Happy Tuesday.

  • Norah’s vocabulary is growing pretty rapidly and on her birthday she picked up (very quickly), “Happy Birthday!” It’s the cutest thing ever and don’t you doubt me.
  • Isla is going camping next week with my mom and stepdad forย 5 whole nightsย and I don’t even know what I’m going to do with myself! Maybe Norah and I will hit up the farmer’s market. Maybe we’ll just nap. Maaaaaaybe I’ll purge all the unnecessary toys in this dang house. Either way, we’re both excited!
  • I finally got around to booking the spa visit Kyle and the girls got me for my birthday. I cannot wait!
  • Spotify’s “retro” playlists are everything amazing and songs that I’ve long forgotten about since high school are popping back up in my life. How did I ever forget about Ja Rule and Kid Rock?
  • I’ll probably be jinxing myself, but Norah has been sleeping through the night and I’m am sooooooo #thankful for that. I’ll still probably need to sleep for 3-straight months to completely catch up on my sleep, but I’ll take what I can get.

What’s making you happy today?

Tiny Happy Tuesday IX


There’s a lot of hard stuff going on in the village neighbouring my hometown, so I’m digging deep today to find the happy today:

  • Slo-pitch all weekend with my awesome ball fam-jam. We played hard (enough) and went 3-1 in the tournament with some of our best batting and fielding yet. My quads are still yelling at me a bit, but it was worth it!
  • Isla picked out the most amazing ice cream cake for my birthday. (With Kyle’s help, of course.) He drove her to DQ and she told the employee what she wanted written on the cake, (“Happy Birthday Mom”) what kind of decorations, (flowers and strawberries), and what size. (SLAB to serve 20-30!) She was SO proud to show me my “surprise” and I can’t wait to dig into it this weekend.
  • I’ve been making quesadillas at home with cheese (obviously) and whatever I can find in the fridge (deli meat, tomatoes, green onions, etc.) and OMG they are soooo gooooooood. Now I must wrap ALL THE THINGS because I bought a Costco-sized pack of tortillas. Breakfast burritos are in my future, yo.
  • I was lucky enough to receive two pedicure gift certificates AND a spa day for my birthday, and I cannot wait to book them.

That’s all for today. What’s making you happy?

Tiny Happy Tuesday VIII


I just remembered that I’m actually horrible at Roman numerals and I’m pretty sure after XIII I’m going to have to Google everything. Oh well!

Time for today’s tiny happys:

  • Isla started t-ball yesterday and although it’s more of a skills-building activity she had fun and is happy to be playing “baseball.”
  • We got the proofs back from our Mother/Daughter photo shoot and they turned out great! My mom and I will be sitting down to pick out our favourites at some point this week.
  • Tomorrow I’m cooking (and delivering) a meal for my dear friend who’s recovering from her c-section. I even bought those classy take-out containers with the cardboard lids. Her mom organized this whole meal planning thing via Meal Trainย and it’s truly brilliant.
  • This past Sunday our family took part in the 20th annual Boogie the Bridge and while I posted my race recap yesterdayย I’m still so happy with how well we all did! I literally CANNOT EVEN when it comes to stairs, but it’s so worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

What has you happy today?