Project 365: December 21-27

December 21: Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a machine gun. Ho ho ho! ♦ December 22: Opening Christmas presents with Grandpa. ♦ December 23: Bobblehead monkey is the BEST! ♦ December 24: Doing some Christmas Eve colouring! (Free printable from Lemon Thistle Blog!) ♦ December 25: Begging dogs, begging for turkey. ♦ December 26: Enjoying a Boxing Day stroll. ♦ December 27: Goodbye, Christmas tree. You’re dryer than a popcorn fart.

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Moments of Motherhood: On Christmas

For my last Moments of Motherhood column of 2014(!), I talk about how getting wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season can be exhausting, and how sometimes it’s just more important to simplify things and not try and do everything all at once.

Here’s a snippet:

Nothing brings the magic back into Christmas more than being able to celebrate with your kids. From rekindling your own personal childhood traditions to creating something exciting and new for your kids to carry on down the road, it’s easy to get lost in the Christmas spirit and ultimately end up exhausted and burnt out.

When my daughter’s first Christmas came around, I am 100% guilty of being the parent who wanted to “do it all” with her; I had a mile-long list of wintery things to do that I was just itching to start crossing things off of. 

From touring the town to check out Christmas light displays to visiting Santa at the mall to watching all the classic Christmas movies, I wanted to start creating those warm and fuzzy holiday memories right away. [continue reading…]


Christmas Wish List

Amber had posted her Christmas Dream/Wish List the other day, so I thought it’d be fun to follow along!

With the exception of Kyle and I buying for each other, we did name draws on both sides of our families, so we give one gift and get one gift. With a $100 limit, it really helps cut back on the sting of spending during the holidays, plus you don’t just play “pass the gift card” between everyone. But of course, even though there’s a limit, it’s fun to dream of those bigger items you’d love to be surprised with under the tree, right? Right! Here’s some of the items that would blow me away if they appeared under my tree:

Scattered Dots Scarf:

I saw this scarf at the Chapter’s bookstore here in town and fell in love with it … then I saw the price tag. ($50!) But it’s GORGEOUS and I’d looooove to have it!

Tiffany Arrow pendant:

It’s platinum and diamonds. It’s Tiffany. It’s expensive. But I saw it in a Tiffany’s store in Vegas and I fell in love with it. Of course.

Lululemon’s The Mat

When I started taking yoga classes back in September, I didn’t have my own mat. My mom had one that she bought for a Zumba/yoga class a year or so ago and so she let me borrow it. I’m pretty sure she bought it at Winners for $15 or something like that, because the quality isn’t that great. Since I love lululemon and have actually heard great things about their mats, I’d looooove to have The Mat in that green colour! It’s SO pretty and their mats are much more grippy than the one I’m currently borrowing off my mom.

Nikkor Macro Lens

I’ve always loved taking close-up photos and so I’d really love to add a macro camera lens to my bag. This Nikkor 60mm lens would be the perfect addition to my lens family!

I think that’s enough wishing for me – What’s on your list this year?