So that was Christmas

Whew! I totally didn’t mean to go MIA for practically two weeks, but Kyle had the week before Christmas off so we got busy enjoying some family time around the holidays and I pushed blogging onto the back burner. (Can you blame me?)

A lot went on so I figured I’d just break down our Christmas holiday time in bullet-form!

  • Kyle’s dad came into town the weekend before Christmas for dinner and to stay the night. Kyle made an amazing roast beef dinner and the girls enjoyed the visit a lot!
  • Kyle and I took Isla to see her first movie in theatre! We dropped Norah off at Kyle’s mom’s and we didn’t tell Isla where we were taking her, other than it was a surprise. She was super excited when she learned we were watching Moana in theatre, and in 3D to boot! She did awesome and loved the movie, so we cannot wait to take her to another one.
  • Isla and I put together a gingerbread house and she really got into decorating it. While I had a method to my “side” of the roof, Isla went more freestyle so the result was pretty amusing ;)


  • Right before Christmas Norah had her 18-month doctor check-up. While she’s right on target for growth (and tall, even!), she was diagnosed with an ear infection and so she had to start antibiotics. It would explain why she was waking up in the middle of the night and after a couple days of medicine she was feeling much better and getting back to her usual self!
  • Christmas came bright and early on Sunday! Kyle and I actually woke up before the girls and managed to shower before Norah woke up, and then we all had to go get Isla out of bed to open presents because she was still sleeping at 8 a.m.! Santa spoiled us all rotten and it looked like a wrapping paper bomb had gone off in our living room. We hosted Christmas dinner with 10 of us all together, and Kyle put on an amazing spread! I must say, I’m pretty lucky to have a multi-talented husband; I’ve yet to cook a turkey because Kyle always takes the lead. (He’s far better at multitasking than I am!)


  • Boxing Day was a bit of a relaxing day for us as we didn’t really leave the house. My dad was coming to town to drop my brother off at my mom’s, so they stopped at our house first to have lunch and exchange gifts. Kyle had to go back to work on Tuesday, so it was nice to have a low-key day since Sunday was pretty hectic.
  • I continued on with our Boxing Day tradition of taking down our Christmas decorations. Isla was pretty sad about it, but as much as I like decking the halls, I like having the house back to normal!
  • On Tuesday the girls and I went down to my mom’s to visit some more with my brother. Norah got to play in the snow for the first time ever and her reaction was pretty standard – freak out at first then warm up to it like any Canadian ;)
  • My mom had gotten Isla a pass for a splatter paint session at 4 Cats Studio, so Norah hung out with my mom while Isla and I went to that. Isla had a blast and didn’t want the session to end, but she’s excited to go back and pick up her masterpiece!


  • We’re now slowly adjusting to our usual schedule since Isla heads back to school and dance next week. I can’t believe that 2016 is almost over! Year in Review posts to follow this weekend.

How was your Christmas? Was Santa good to you??

Christmas Blog Swap 2015

This year I decided to join in on a fun little Christmas Blog Swap hosted by Leigh and Lindsey! I generally don’t do swaps because I think I’m a lame gift giver most of the time, but this year I thought I’d give it a go. Plus, I love sending (and receiving) mail that’s fun and not bills.

I was partnered up with Jen from Pretty Little Grub. We exchanged a couple of emails back and forth to get an idea of what our personal tastes were and went from there! I had fun shopping around for the perfect ornament to give to her, as well as a couple other little things, but you’ll have to hop over to her blog to see what I came up with ;)

Anyway, it was an exciting mail day when I received my package in the mail! (Fun fact: My MIL works at Canada Post sorting parcels and knows when I’m getting a package before I do. No fair!) It made me happier that the package fit in my mail slot and I didn’t have to make a trek down to the post office outlet to pick it up ;)


How cute is the little gift box? I’m pretty sure I mailed ours away in a toddler-sized shoe box . Anyway, after (gently) shaking the package, I was curious to see what was inside!

Jen picked out the prettiest little mitten ornament for our Christmas tree, and included a yummy Eos lip balm, a cute, festive wine bottle stopper, and chocolate – ALL the chocolate! I may or may not have devoured it all already … you know, to hide it from Isla …


The mitten is the perfect addiction to my eclectic mix of tree ornaments! Our Christmas tree has no theme, per say, and it looks perfect hanging in the branches!


So, thank you, Jen for the lovely ornament!

What’s your favourite Christmas ornament that you have?

2nd Child Holiday Gift Guide

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way to share these items. They are simply things I love and would like to share with my readers! 

Christmas gift giving is a tricky one when you have two kids, both girls, both born around the EXACT same time of year. (Three years, six days apart, even!) Poor Norah has a serious case of second-child syndrome; 90% of the stuff she owns are hand-me-downs and I feel a little bad for her sometimes.

Enter Christmas: I was seriously at a complete loss as to what ask Santa to get for Norah. Sure, she’ll only be 6 months old come Christmas and she won’t have any idea was to what’s actually going on, but I couldn’t get her NOTHING, you know?

Enter my little gift guide for the 2nd-born child in your life. Trends have changed a little since Isla’s first Christmas four years ago (!), and while I haven’t necessarily bought the following items for Norah, I think they’re pretty awesome and totally gift-worthy!


Image via Padraig Cottage

Isla actually received a pair of these slippers when she was about 16 months old and we loved them! The tough, leather sole is durable and they last a LONG time because the wool stretches out. I’ve been wanting to buy Norah a pair, but they are moderately priced (~$40 for “baby” sized slippers), so for now they’re on the “Pretty Please?” list. A bonus is that these ones are made right here in British Columbia and I can buy them locally in town!

Bandana Bibs
My kids have got to be the worst teethers ever in the way that they will drool for MONTHS before actually getting a tooth. Waterproof bibs that you buy in the store are pretty ugly and not at all fashionable, so when I discovered the awesomeness that are bandana bibs, I jumped right on board for Norah. She owns a couple from Andy Pandy Pudding Pie (also made in Canada) and they’re great because they absorb the drool so her onesies don’t get soaking wet underneath. Now Norah drools in style ;)


Image via Kids II

Isla had something slightly similar but it was heavy and made of harder, not so bendable plastic. The Oball is made of softer plastic that is easier for tiny, grabby hands to well, grab, and won’t hurt if it bonks them on the head! Norah already has the rattle ball version (pictured to the right), but she asked Santa for the suction cup version that will stick to her food tray! (She feels bad for constantly knocking it onto the floor and making mom or dad pick it up 100 times a day.) The Oball in general is a huge hit in a mommy group I belong to, and I would buy Norah every variety of this toy if I could!

What child doesn’t like having a story read to them? Isla has an enormous collection of books, but the wonderful thing is that there are SO many that she doesn’t have that I can get Norah. Eventually the girls will share all the books, but for now, Norah can have some of her own to add to her own bedroom collection. We’re big fans of the Usborne “That’s not my …” books and all things Robert Munsch and I don’t think you can go wrong with either choice!

Taggie Blankets
Ever notice how babies love to suck on the tags of everything? It’s kind of gross, but they just can’t seem to resist them! However, brilliant minds took notice and there are many companies, both big and home-based, that make taggie blankets. A little while ago Norah was gifted one that was made by Butterfly Baby Pillow (yep – another local company!) and she loves it! There’s soft, plush blanket material on one side, a crinkly fabric hidden on the inside and a bunch of tags for her to gnaw on!


So there you go – my simple list of gift ideas! Like I said before, buying something unique and special for the “second born” child can be tough, but there are options out there if you just look hard enough or ask around!

What’s your favourite gift to give little ones?