Project 365: December 28-31

Finally! My last Project 365 post of 2014! I’m glad I was able to see this project through, but I think I’m even more glad that it’s all over. Thank goodness for dogs and kids to quickly take photos of when I nearly forget to.

So, without further ado, here’s my final photos of 2014:

Dec 28-31

December 31


December 28: Starbucks date, waiting for our date to arrive! ♦ December 29: Wind’s blowin’, snow shovelin’ gear. ♦ December 30: Cold days are meant for the couch. ♦ December 31: Seeing out 2014 with a family movie night!

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Project 365: December 21-27

December 21: Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a machine gun. Ho ho ho! ♦ December 22: Opening Christmas presents with Grandpa. ♦ December 23: Bobblehead monkey is the BEST! ♦ December 24: Doing some Christmas Eve colouring! (Free printable from Lemon Thistle Blog!) ♦ December 25: Begging dogs, begging for turkey. ♦ December 26: Enjoying a Boxing Day stroll. ♦ December 27: Goodbye, Christmas tree. You’re dryer than a popcorn fart.

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Project 365: December 14-20

December 14: Metal bowl head, hitting herself with a wooden spoon. I don’t even know … ♦ December 15: Before all the Play-Doh was mixed and Mommy cried herself to sleep. ♦ December 16: Christmas ornament craftiness. ♦ December 17: Fudge making, which turned out to be a big ol’ FAIL. ♦ December 18: The sleeping Daphne. ♦ December 19: Making butter tarts with Daddy! ♦ December 20: Finally got back on the mat after feeling like garbage for two months. 

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