Wine and Love v4

I haven’t participated in Nora’s fun meme in a while, so I figured I’d join in today!


  • Having this stupid cold for over a week now. Why can’t it just go away? My nose is raw from blowing it so much. Ugh.
  • Cold winds. I don’t care if it’s -10 outside, just as long as there’s no wind to make it worse! Lately it’s been windy, so it makes the temperature at least another 5 degrees colder outside. (Like right now as I type this it says that it’s -3 outside, but feels like -7!)
  • Having a dishwasher is great, but now I fill it up and won’t run it for a couple days, leaving me without some utensils I need to cook with! Can’t live with it, can’t live without it …
  • Not really a whine, but I feel bad for only sending out one Christmas card this year. I just didn’t feel like doing cards this year. That, and since I bought a box of mixed cards last year I was going to use the ones I had left over, but I can’t remember who got what card last year. No one likes repeated cards! Oh well.
  • Not being able to sleep on my stomach. I know I’m not really showing any baby bump yet, but I’ve been trying to “train” myself not to roll over onto my stomach when I’m sleeping since I’m a tummy sleeper. I don’t have a special pillow or anything yet, but 9 times out of 10, I find myself laying on my stomach in the middle of the night. My arms are all crampy from sleeping on my side.


  • Cuddling with my dog in bed after Kyle leaves for work. She’s not really allowedย on the bed, but having her there helps me fall back to sleep.
  • Acting dumb when coworkers ask me if my “news” is true. Ha! Shame on them for gossiping! ;)
  • Hand-written Christmas stories. My work just hosted a Christmas story contest in which people wrote a theme-based original story. I had to retype one of the hand-printed stories and it nearly made me cry at work, it was so awesome. I probably would’ve picked it for the winner if I was one of the judges.
  • Christmas movies. Kyle and I have watched Die Hard and Home Alone together, and have the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas on the PVR to watch this weekend. It’s awesome “together” time!
  • Fear Factor! Kyle and I were so excited to hear that it was coming back, and the first two episodes were awesome! The show’s definitely more intense this time around compared to when it first started 10(!!!) years ago. It’s a warm and fuzzy show for us since we used to go to each other’s house and watch it as “date night.” And host Joe Rogan is more funny now since we’ve got used to his raunchy humour and UFC commentary. Love that show!
  • The idea of becoming a Mommy. It’s still so surreal that I’m pregnant and in 6 months we’ll have a little one in the house. I love reading my weekly updates on how the “kidney bean” (what Kyle and I have nicknamed the fetus, lol) is progressing. I can’t wait for my doctor’s appointment next week!

What are your Wines and Loves for this week?
Did/do you watch Fear Factor?ย 

Wine and Love v3

How is this only my third Wine and Love? Who knows! Be sure to link up atย Nora’s blog!

Here’s what’s making me hit the bottle this week:

  • Municipal elections. It’s that time in BC right now and it’s BONKERS at work. I’m now basing my votes on who irritates me the least. Seriously.
  • Time zones. Making offers on houses when the owners live in Aussieland is irritating!
  • The weather is COLD. I’m more than certain it’s going to snow soon. Very soon.
  • Random food cravings.
  • My internet connection at home. The wireless in our house has been going CRAZY. I have to reset our router at least twice a day. Annoying!

Here’s what’s making me feel the love:

  • Having a ridiculously amazing husband. Seriously, he’s been on his A-game for the past little while!
  • Cooking and baking. I made elk spaghetti sauce last night for dinner and I’m making cookies for my dad this weekend. I really want to make white chocolate cranberry cookies too!
  • Reading. I’m reading another Jennifer Weiner book and I can’t wait to finish it and write a review.
  • My ridiculous dog. She’s just been crazy silly lately!
  • Visiting with friends! Kyle and I have been been doing tons of visiting this past little bit, and it’s been way too overdue.
What are your Wines and Love this week?

Wine and Love v2

A LOT has happened in the last little bit. Right now as I start to type out my Wines and Loves of the there’s a lot on my mind. Let’s see if I can pull off a few bullets in each category without getting too rambly.


  • Tanner was put to sleep just after 4 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. It hurts. I don’t think I need/want to say anymore.
  • We have our end of the season slo-pitch tournament this weekend and I’m a little bummed that we’re done for the year.
  • Curtains are expensive people. I dropped just over $200 on curtains and rods for two windows. Lordy.
  • Actually, windows and everything to do with them are expensive.

  • In the last game of the season (before the tournament, obviously) our slo-pitch team won our first game. Go us!
  • I can’t thank everyone enough for all the thoughts and interwebby hugs you’ve sent to me regarding Tanner. Seriously. I love you guys.
  • My computer at work FINALLY works properly. I’m ballin’ now with a Snow Leopard OS for Mac. Yeah, yeah, it’s not Lion, but the newspaper biz. Not exactly thriving, so I’ll take what I can get.
  • Season premiers. I’m so ready for Private Practice tonight. I’m glad to have all my fall/winter favourites back!
  • The Lion King is coming out onto DVD/Blu-Ray on Tuesday next week. Consider it in my grubby little hands.
  • Updated to add: One of my coworkers announced that she’s expecting in April! I’m pretty excited for her actually. I’ve decided I’m going to live vicariously through other pregnant people until it happens for me. (lol – too creepy?)
What are your Wines and Loves today?