Wine and Love

This week I figured I’d participate in Wine and Love, hosted by Nora.

My wine (or really, vodka) list:

  • My PVR seems to like to not record the shows I’ve programmed. First world problems, I know. Still, it’s annoying! I’ll be happy when they come out with a PVR with more than two tuners.
  • I’m sad that all my favourite summer T.V. programming is winding up. That being said, I watch way too much T.V.
  • I have no friends left in Kamloops. Or at least no besties. Lame.
My loves this week:
  • My mom is finally going to be back from camping. Is it silly that I’m 25 and still miss my mommy sometimes? Probably not, right? Who’s with me on that one??
  • Kyle cleaned the entire interior of my car for me on Tuesday. He insisted I take his truck out to slo-pitch and I didn’t think anything of it. Anyway – my car is SO CLEAN! I don’t think it’s ever been that clean. It’s sad how much of a pig sty I let it become.
  • We haven’t won a single slo-pitch game but I still love playing! And my arm & shoulder muscles are ridiculously toned. I have man muscles, I’m sure of it.
What are your Wines and Loves this week?