Wine and Love v3

How is this only my third Wine and Love? Who knows! Be sure to link up at Nora’s blog!

Here’s what’s making me hit the bottle this week:

  • Municipal elections. It’s that time in BC right now and it’s BONKERS at work. I’m now basing my votes on who irritates me the least. Seriously.
  • Time zones. Making offers on houses when the owners live in Aussieland is irritating!
  • The weather is COLD. I’m more than certain it’s going to snow soon. Very soon.
  • Random food cravings.
  • My internet connection at home. The wireless in our house has been going CRAZY. I have to reset our router at least twice a day. Annoying!

Here’s what’s making me feel the love:

  • Having a ridiculously amazing husband. Seriously, he’s been on his A-game for the past little while!
  • Cooking and baking. I made elk spaghetti sauce last night for dinner and I’m making cookies for my dad this weekend. I really want to make white chocolate cranberry cookies too!
  • Reading. I’m reading another Jennifer Weiner book and I can’t wait to finish it and write a review.
  • My ridiculous dog. She’s just been crazy silly lately!
  • Visiting with friends! Kyle and I have been been doing tons of visiting this past little bit, and it’s been way too overdue.
What are your Wines and Love this week?


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