Down Dog/Downward Dog/TMI Thursday

So almost a month ago, I bought Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown DVD:

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It sat in my DVD rack for quite some time, partially because I was afraid of it and partially because I was so busy with freelancing and moving that I didn’t have the time or energy to pop it in and give it a whirl. On Tuesday morning, I finally got a chance to try it out!

I started off with Level 1 because I’ve never done yoga before, and it was still really intense! My flexibility apparently isn’t what it used to be, but I could really feel the burn! I don’t know if I have favourite pose, but I can tell you that my least-favourite pose is the camel pose:

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It just made me feel like I was going to roll backwards. Or that my neck was going to break. Moving onto the TMI part …

Daphne also decided to join me during the first little bit of the workout, which also brings a whole new (yet obviously dirty) meaning to the “Downward Dog” pose.  Yep, my beautiful, majestic and otherwise normalish canine decided that she would harness her inner instincts and tried to mount me while I was in the downward dog position. Awesome! I kicked her from the position, to which her response was to start growling and trying to shove me over. Thanks Daphne!

I’m glad I shut the curtains, because I’m pretty sure the neighbours would’ve got a great chuckle out of that little show.

A couple other things I learned quickly: Loose shirts are designed to come up and over your head and if you change into shorts and a sports bra, the dog hair on the carpet will stick to you if you sweat. No wonder why you use those special mats and wear tight clothes for yoga!

So, now I know that yoga won’t kill me, Daphne will probably keep trying to rape me, and to maybe invest in a yoga mat.

Happy Thursday! Got a TMI workout story to share?

Missing Molly

Yesterday, Kyle’s sister’s ex (long story) came and picked up Molly.

You see, we’re only allowed to have one dog as per strata by-laws in our new house, and because Daphne is more well behaved (and I refused to give her up), we decided to let Kyle’s sister take in Molly.

She’s wanted to take Molly for a while, but because she’s Kyle’s dog, he kept her. Now that our living situation is going to change, Kyle’s giving her up.

Of course, after his sister was all geared up and a date was made for Molly to be picked up, I found out that exceptions can be made and that there are units with two dogs instead of just one. But, we’re still letting Molly go live with Kyle’s sister.

Part of me hopes that it doesn’t work out and that we get to have Molly back. I feel so guilty for having to give her away, but at least it’s to a family member and not just a random stranger.

She’s been gone for maybe six hours now and I already miss her. :( I hope we get to visit her often.

Not So Wide Awake

Usually I try to have my posts ready to go the night before. Not so much last night. To be honest, I didn’t really have much to say! But then, when I got up this morning and looked in the mirror, I realized how noticeable it was that I had just woken up. My face is slightly puffy, my eyes are still heavy and my hair is everywhere. I present to you morning, pre-coffee, Kara:

Terrifying, right? Haha! Actually, I don’t look much different than when I’m showered and such. Daphne also wanted to get in on the “Out of Bed” look. I think she can rock it better than I:

Anyway, I’ve never been the kind of girl who can’t leave the house without putting on make-up. I’m rather “plain-Jane”, if you will. I’ve never understood girls who freak out when people see them first thing in the morning with no make-up on. I don’t care how people see me in the morning, as long as they don’t see me with drool stains on my face. While I shower every morning religiously, I can get up and run a quick errand in the morning if I need to before I shower. (I used to have to drive my brother to school when he missed the bus.)

I think that in the morning, you see a person for who they truly are. Seeing a person with no make-up on is almost as intimate as seeing a person naked sometimes, especially when they’re not comfortable without their “face” on.

Who are YOU in the morning?