Missing Molly

Yesterday, Kyle’s sister’s ex (long story) came and picked up Molly.

You see, we’re only allowed to have one dog as per strata by-laws in our new house, and because Daphne is more well behaved (and I refused to give her up), we decided to let Kyle’s sister take in Molly.

She’s wanted to take Molly for a while, but because she’s Kyle’s dog, he kept her. Now that our living situation is going to change, Kyle’s giving her up.

Of course, after his sister was all geared up and a date was made for Molly to be picked up, I found out that exceptions can be made and that there are units with two dogs instead of just one. But, we’re still letting Molly go live with Kyle’s sister.

Part of me hopes that it doesn’t work out and that we get to have Molly back. I feel so guilty for having to give her away, but at least it’s to a family member and not just a random stranger.

She’s been gone for maybe six hours now and I already miss her. :( I hope we get to visit her often.

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