Guest Post: On Man’s Best Friend

Hey all! I’m off up in Northern BC taking part in wedding shenanigans as my BFF is preparing for her wedding tomorrow! Today I am luckly enough to have fellow dog-lover Nicole from Busy Girl guest posting for me! Thanks Nicole, and be sure to check out her blog!

Everyone should have a dog.

Yes, that’s right. Of all the topics I could guest post about, I decided this one was on the tip of my tongue.

Probably because I live in a neighborhood overrun by dog lovers.  And I have the world’s most spoiled 12 lbs ball of fur living under my roof.  Don’t believe me?  Just look at that face:

Oh yes, you want a dog now, don’t you?

We adopted Ricki four years ago at an event called Mingle-with-the-Mutts, which simply put, was a bunch of animal rescues gathered in a large field with their adoptees.   My then-boyfriend-now-husband and I wandered around, checking out the different types of dogs, giggling at the names their foster parents’ had given them.  We had no intention on picking a dog out that day, it was merely research.  But as fate would have it, my husband plopped himself down on the grass and our future dog came prancing up to him (yes, he actually prances) and that was it.  Forty-five minutes later we were filing out an application.  Five days later we had him in our home.  Funny how things work out, I love his hairy little face.

But enough about our story, and onto the reasons why you should consider a dog for a pet.

  1. Dogs love you unconditionally and almost instantly.  You can yell at them for unrolling the toilet paper all over the living room and five minutes later they’ll be back to snuggle in your lap.
  2. Dogs do their business outside.  So it doesn’t smell inside.  And I don’t have to empty stuff.  I won’t elaborate on this subject.
  3. Dogs make excellent heaters.  On a cold night there’s nothing better that having a dog lay across your feet.  Unless of course, your dog is like mine and insists on sharing your pillow instead of laying at the end of the bed.
  4. You’re never alone when you have a dog.  You don’t give this much thought until you have to spend a night in your home without him.  Eerie.  Ricki may only be 12lbs and is more likely to walk up to an intruder for pets rather than attack him, but he does bring peace of mind in the fact that he hears noises that I don’t.
  5. Dogs always miss you.  I can be gone for five days or five minutes.  But it’s like Christmas morning when I walk through the door to that wagging tail.

Of course, it needs to be said that you need make sure you’re committed to caring for a dog and that your lifestyle allows for it.  But if so, consider it.  There’s no greater love than a dog’s love for his human companions.  Except a dog’s love for hot dogs.  That my friends, is great.

Day 27


Right now, I just have one pet in my house, and I think you all know who I’m talking about!

Ah, the spectacular Daphne!

Things you should know about my crazy dog:

  • She might be genuinely retarded.
  • She sounds like Chewbacca when she “talks”
  • She’s afraid of the furnace turning on, the vacuum, and any inanimate object that may move.
  • When bathed, she takes at least three whole days to completely dry off.
  • She has one speed when it comes to going to walks. She never seems to get tired and seems to pace herself.
  • She doesn’t jump, she climbs.

That’s about it for now. For a first dog (that I’ve actually had to pay all the bills for and such), she’s amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better puppy!

I’ll leave you with a photo of baby Daphne:

Six weeks old, the day I got her!

Tomorrow: Something that stresses you out

Living in Strata

When Kyle and I first bought our place, we only had one hesitation: Strata.

Sure, that means everyone has to play according to the same set of rules, but sometimes, it’s easier not having any, or at least not have a strict set of rules. You already have to follow City Bylaws, but adding another set of underlying rules on top of that can push the limit.

One example: City bylaws say that one residence cannot own more than two dogs and two cats. Our strata bylaws only allow one dog and one cat.

Of course, there’s always exceptions made to the rules, both with City and Strata bylaws. There are some people in our complex who have two dogs, and I’m sure there’s some who have two cats.

But then there’s the people who just ignore the rules.

Example: Our strata bylaws say that you must have your dog on a leash at all times while on “community” property (Basically, anywhere outside of your own fenced area). When Kyle and I first moved in, there was a little old lady who would let her toy poodle out on the community grass (without a leash) to do its business. As a result, it came wandering over to our fence and started barking at Daphne. Because we have a completely fenced yard, it was no big deal and the woman came and got her dog. However, if we DIDN’T have a fenced yard and Daphne WAS leashed, she still probably would’ve gotten into a scrap with this tiny dog, of course making her look like the bad guy even though the lady wasn’t following the rules. UGH!

Now, I think the old lady gets that there’s a giant dog a couple doors down and I haven’t seen the dog since. Thankfully, I didn’t have to complain to the strata board that her dog was running about sans leash.

Another example: The unit next to us has no one living in it because the lady passed away a couple months ago. The unit on the other side of that unit (so two doors up from us) seems to think that they can use that parking spot as their own. Strata bylaws say you’re only allowed to park in your unit’s assigned parking, in visitor parking, or on the street.

So far, Kyle and I have been trying to ignore it. Sure, we’ve thought about complaining. We’ve also thought about using the spot ourselves but choose not to because knowing our luck, that will be when someone complains.

Our problem is, do we complain, making potential enemies with the neighbours (they’re young and kinda douchey, so we wouldn’t really care), or do we ignore it? Being new and all, we’re apprehensive to raise a stink because we don’t want to be labeled as the Complainers.

What would you do? Ignore it or mention it to the Board?

Really, they’re not hurting us, but it’s not very respectful to park in your neighbour’s driveway, dead or alive.

Does anyone else live in a Strata complex? What are your rules like?