The anticipation moving up to our moving date is KILLING me. I’m at the point where I can’t pack anything else up because I need to use it. Hell, I’ve actually unpacked a few things because I realized that I still needed them. (Although they were by surprise because of my new freelancing gigs.)

Kyle and I have a pile of stuff for our new place and all I want to do is unpack it all and start the nesting process. Oh, and the killer part? Kyle might have to go to Jasper to work for 5 weeks the Tuesday after we move. GAH! Not that I’m upset about it, it should be good money and it’s not for that long. Hopefully we find out if he’s going soon …

I think I may have a little too much on my plate right now. Working two jobs, plus moving, plus 12 freelance stories, plus, plus, plus … I just want to move and get on with my life!

I’m going to need a vacation when this is all over. Or at least a trip to the spa. Or even just a day in bed.

Timing, You Couldn’t Be More Perfect

Kyle and I are a little less than a month away from moving into our own little home. In about two weeks, Kyle’s sister is going to be moving back to Kamloops after an apparently split with her longish-term boyfriend.

And she’s moving back into Kyle’s mom’s place. See: Where we’re currently living. Wanna talk about timing? This is it. Oh timing, how lovely you are.

I don’t know why Kyle’s sister (we’ll just call her the Sister for simplicities sake) and her boyfriend broke up, but if it’s serious enough for her to move back to Kamloops, then they must be done for good.

I’m not so thrilled that the Sister is going to be living with us until she finds a place of her own, which may be a huge challenge because she has two cats and it supposed to be adopting Molly (because we can’t have two dogs in our new place). She’s loud, obnoxious and very ignorant. I’ll just have to busy myself with work and packing to keep her from getting to me I suppose. What’s two weeks, right?

And who knows, in two weeks, she may even be back together with her boyfriend. If not … oh well. He’s actually a really nice guy, and I’m actually a little happy for him.

Have you even had to live with someone you couldn’t stand?

WTF Friday 5.0

Last Friday, I almost died. While vacuuming. Not even joking.

Okay, maybe I’m joking a little, but still, I wish someone would die. Her name is Edith and she’s like that little old lady in that Drew Barrymore/Ben Stiller movie The Duplex who just won’t die. Except it’s not a better house that I want (although I do want one of those), it’s a vacuum. Meet Edith:

She’s about 25 years old, which I think dates back to the Triassic period in vacuum years, and I. Hate. Her. I want a new, sleek, sexy vacuum that doesn’t have electrical tape holding her together SO BADLY, but since this is Kyle’s mom’s and she won’t give it up, I’m stuck with her. “Why buy a new vacuum?? This one works perfectly well!” Yes, perfectly well if the electric tape holds the spliced wires together and the plug-in stays together.

So back to my near-death experience. I was vacuuming away, about 1.5 songs through my house cleaning routine when I went to pull Edith along to vacuum the living room. Her cord was a little tangled, so I pulled a bit more when there was a huge spark and Edith stopped sucking. (Har har har!) Scared shitless, realize that Edith’s cord had snapped in two right at the base. “Great,” I think. “She’s dead! NEW VACUUM!” Except I figure that I should try and fix her just to say that I tried.

I managed to bare enough of the wires to try and twist them back together to get Edith to work again. I plug her back in, turn her on and NOTHING. I was excited yet horrified at the same time. Excited because I’d be able to get a new vacuum but horrified because the MIL loves that stupid vacuum and has issues with holding onto things. I unplugged her and tried again. Success! Expect why did I try fixing her? WTF was I thinking? Now I’m still stuck with her, Edith, the crazy bitch vacuum in the closet who just won’t die. Maybe I should pay off the mob to put cement around her hose and throw her into the drink. Or maybe I should just get myself one of these:

Happy Friday! I hope it doesn’t “suck”! (LOLZ)