Timing, You Couldn’t Be More Perfect

Kyle and I are a little less than a month away from moving into our own little home. In about two weeks, Kyle’s sister is going to be moving back to Kamloops after an apparently split with her longish-term boyfriend.

And she’s moving back into Kyle’s mom’s place. See: Where we’re currently living. Wanna talk about timing? This is it. Oh timing, how lovely you are.

I don’t know why Kyle’s sister (we’ll just call her the Sister for simplicities sake) and her boyfriend broke up, but if it’s serious enough for her to move back to Kamloops, then they must be done for good.

I’m not so thrilled that the Sister is going to be living with us until she finds a place of her own, which may be a huge challenge because she has two cats and it supposed to be adopting Molly (because we can’t have two dogs in our new place). She’s loud, obnoxious and very ignorant. I’ll just have to busy myself with work and packing to keep her from getting to me I suppose. What’s two weeks, right?

And who knows, in two weeks, she may even be back together with her boyfriend. If not … oh well. He’s actually a really nice guy, and I’m actually a little happy for him.

Have you even had to live with someone you couldn’t stand?

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