“8 Years is Probably Long Enough”

That’s what Kyle first said to me after he made me open my eyes and presented me with the most amazing ring I could ever dream of having. I believe my answer was “Are you serious?”, before he said, “Yes!”, to which I responded, “What?” and then he asked “Will you marry me?” Then of course I finally said yes :)

And today? Today is our 8-year anniversary. That’s a long time considering we’ve been dating since we were 16.

Together, we’ve graduated high school, his parents split up, he finished the complete welding program and became a journeyman welder, I graduated university with a bachelor degree, we bought a house.

Pleasantries aside, we’ve fought, we’ve struggled and we’veĀ contemplatedĀ our relationship, like any normal couple would.

But today, today is extra special because it’s the last anniversary we’ll celebrate at a non-married couple. In a year from now, we’ll be married, and who knows, maybe there will be a baby on the way (or at least more serious talks about one being made)

So happy anniversary to the most amazing guy in the world :)

And for something completely old school: The very first photo ever taken of Kyle and I together as a couple (Taken in December 2002)

Day 3

My First Love

I don’t know how to describe my first love, or if you would even call it “love” at all. My first high school boyfriend, let’s call him Henry for the sake of this post (and obviously not his real name), was an interesting relationship.

I was in Grade 8 at the time. How I learned that he “liked” me, I have no clue. (I honestly don’t remember!) He was a year older than me, but a grade behind. I would talk to him on the phone how hours after I was suppose to be sleeping and visit him during my lunch break. It was a weird high school relationship to say the least.

I remember once while we were talking on the phone one night, Henry asked me to say “the magic words.” I had no idea what he was talking about, so all I’m thinking is “Please” and “Thank You”. I guess he wanted me to tell him that I loved him, so I did. But did it feel like love? No, not really.

We dated on and off for at least a couple years I think. I really liked him, so I ignored the fact that he was really, actually, a loser. He went to the “bad kids” school, smoked, drank, did drugs and didn’t have a job. I’m pretty sure he even cheated on me. Thinking back, I really don’t know why I was attracted to him!

So that’s the story of my first “love”, or at least the story of the first time I said the “L” word. Sad, but true.

Tomorrow: My parents

Dating in the Digital Age

Image from We <3 It

I think that if for whatever reason, if Kyle and I were to break up and I had to start dating again, I’d have no idea how to start. For one, I’d have to be less of a bitch to guys in bars.

And then, and probably the biggest thing is that, there was no such thing as text messaging when we started dating. Or Facebook. We had MSN Messenger and land-line telephones. We would talk on MSN for an hour or so maaaaybe and then talk on the phone for hours some nights. Other than talking in person, talking on the phone is probably the next best thing for me. You can hear a person’s emotions and express yourself better and more clearly.

Today, everything is about Facebook and text messaging it seems. I can’t remember where I read it, (but I swear it was from a reliable source) but they say that couples who only communicate via text or online when they’re not together are not as emotionally connected.

Really, that doesn’t surprise me. Emotions can be hard to read when it’s just black and white text on a screen. For example, if I tell you, “I hate you, stupid blog readers! Why do you bother with this shit??” you don’t know if I’m serious or joking. (Of course, I’m joking! LAAV YOU LOOONG TIME!!)

The Roommate and C never talk on the phone. They’re main form of communication is text messaging and I sometimes wonder how in touch they actually are. I asked them one day if they’ve actually talked on the phone, and they hadn’t. Then I ask how they have serious conversations, and they say in person, but I don’t know if they got what I meant. They were probably thinking, “Liberal or Conservative”, while I was thinking, “Where is our relationship going?”

Maybe I’m just being weird, but if I really liked someone, I’d like talking on the phone with them. Even now, Kyle and I both text each other, but if we really want to have a conversation, we talk on the phone, even if it’s just for 5 minutes. You can communicate more, and better, in a shorter period of time.

I don’t think I’d make it in the dating world today. Sure, Facebook and texting is good in the beginning, but when I want to have a serious conversation, I want the real deal.