“8 Years is Probably Long Enough”

That’s what Kyle first said to me after he made me open my eyes and presented me with the most amazing ring I could ever dream of having. I believe my answer was “Are you serious?”, before he said, “Yes!”, to which I responded, “What?” and then he asked “Will you marry me?” Then of course I finally said yes :)

And today? Today is our 8-year anniversary. That’s a long time considering we’ve been dating since we were 16.

Together, we’ve graduated high school, his parents split up, he finished the complete welding program and became a journeyman welder, I graduated university with a bachelor degree, we bought a house.

Pleasantries aside, we’ve fought, we’ve struggled and we’ve contemplated our relationship, like any normal couple would.

But today, today is extra special because it’s the last anniversary we’ll celebrate at a non-married couple. In a year from now, we’ll be married, and who knows, maybe there will be a baby on the way (or at least more serious talks about one being made)

So happy anniversary to the most amazing guy in the world :)

And for something completely old school: The very first photo ever taken of Kyle and I together as a couple (Taken in December 2002)

7 thoughts on ““8 Years is Probably Long Enough”

    • I think the biggest difference is that he has hair then, lol. Now he just shaves it all off!

      And you’re right – I haven’t changed too much! I’m destine to look like a 16 year old forever ;)


  1. I’ve said it a thousand times already, and I’ll say it a thousand times more…this is all so exciting! From what I’ve read, you and Kyle are so great for each other!


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