Seven Quick Takes


I’m going camping today! It’s only overnight, but I’m stoked. I even took a day off of work from Job #1 to go. That’s how badly I’ve been wanting to go camping.  It should be fun. Kyle, the Roommate and C are going grocery shopping tonight (I have to work at Job #2) and then we’ll head out tomorrow morning. Yay! The doggies are even coming with us. I’m going to try and remember to bring the camera, so prepare for a possible photo-fulled post on Monday.


I’ve already started packing up some boxes for the big move. Overwhelming? I think so. I’ve taken the photos and whatnot down from the walls and have packed up bits and pieces of stuff we don’t need in the kitchen at the moment. (Basically anything that we’d use with the oven because no AC = no oven.) I’ve even packed up my bookshelf, which leaves me wondering if I should buy more books this summer since the rest are all packed up.


Kyle sold his trampoline on Craigslist on Wednesday. Before you ask yourself “Why does a grown man have a trampoline?” I will tell you that he jumps on it to stay in shape. Call it ridiculous, but it works. He could beat Chuck Norris in a roadhouse kicking contest with those legs. Anyway, I feel bad that he had to sell it. Our new place doesn’t have a yard, so there’s no room. Hopefully in the future we’ll have a yard that’s big enough for a trampoline and I’ll buy him a new one.


I’ve been at Job #2 for three months now and you know what that means? A RAISE! Yaaaay! Now if only I can get on full time there.


Kyle’s sister has already had some of her stuff moved back to Kamloops and I’m starting to get more and more apprehensive about her being under the same roof as us. I’m just afraid that it’s going to be the worst two weeks of my life.We should’ve discussed an earlier possession on the new place.


I had lunch with my grandma on Tuesday and it was lovely. I haven’t seen her since we went to Ashcroft for the rodeo back in June. We had great conversation about my new house, my grandpa working all the time and my crazy aunt. I’ve missed talking with my grandma!


I can’t even think of anything for #7. How about …. I’ve been playing a lot of XBox lately, mostly because I don’t have a book to read.

Happy Friday!

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