Reading // “The End of Men” by Karen Rinaldi. I picked this book up for free through Kobo, and so far, I’m glad I did. I’ve thought about abandoning it but a part of me keeps hoping it gets better. Full disclosure: It’s a chick lit book and not about women empowerment. No bra-burning over here, people.

Watching // We just started watching “LA to Vegas” on a whim and it’s so oddly funny! Kyle and I have grown weary of our “other” 30-minute comedy show, and this one is refreshing! Plus, Vegas holds a special place in our hearts for whatever reason.

Listening to // The Pop2K channel on Sirius radio. Take me back to the early 2000’s!

Loving // The sunny weather we’re FINALLY having! Isla had a Pro-D day yesterday, so we walked to the school and played for an hour and it was glorious.

Thinking // A lot about Daphne. I just miss her so dang much.

Needing // Motivation to do my schoolwork. With the nice weather it’s hard to stay inside and study, but sunlight and computer screens do not mix! I wish I could just sit out in the sun and study at the same time.

Looking forward to // The Boogie the Bridge this weekend! Kyle’s running his first half marathon, Isla is doing the 1K Mini-Boogie, and I’m doing the 5K run. I’m hoping my legs hang in there for me!


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