Reading // “American War” by Omar El Akkad. I’m nearly finished it (“actual” books take me so much longer to get through than ebooks), but it’s been a really interesting tale! A review will likely be up sometime next week.

Watching // Jeopardy. I know it makes me sound like an 80-year-old lady but the current champion (as of Wednesday April 17, at least) James Holzhauer is just slaying the competition, I can’t even wrap my mind around it! I really feel sorry for his challengers.

I did start watching the third season of Santa Clarita Diet last week, for all you non-nerds.

Listening to // Gosh, not much these days! The only time I ever have music playing is when I’m in the car, and that’s just the good ol’ local radio station! Not that there’s anything wrong with it, though! I’ve thought about transferring the Sirius Radio account over from the truck to the car, but I’ve actually been enjoying the local content.

Loving // Our Sammy Boy. While it may make me sound like a crazy dog lady, I’m so happy that we brought Sam into our lives! He’s such a great dog and he fits so perfectly with our family. The girls are both crazy about him, and even Campbell loves his company! He’s been good for all of us.

Thinking // About how difficult it will likely be when the time comes that I find a job and I need to find childcare for the girls. I’ve been so fortunate to be able to stay home and avoid that hunt, but I feel ready to head back into the work force. Finding childcare nearly stresses me out more than finding a job itself.

Needing // The dogs to quit instigating one another to destroy the backyard! Really, it’s not too terrible, but it’s slowly becoming a disaster out there. Sam likes to dig holes and of course, Campbell will join in on the “fun.” Hopefully he’ll grow out of it.

Anticipating // A job interview next week! We’ll see how it goes.

Looking forward to // The Boogie the Bridge on the 28th! It’s a slightly different course starting from a different location, but it’s always such an awesome event for our whole family! This year I’ll be tackling the 10K, so hopefully my legs prove to me once again that I can complete that distance. Kyle will be doing the half-marathon, and Isla will be doing the 1K Mini-Boogie as well!

It will also be Norah’s first go at the Mini-Boogie, which should be a lot of fun! She’ll be running with her grandpa, who just tackled the Boston Marathon earlier this week. She’s pretty excited, or at least she says she is.

What are you currently reading or listening to?


Reading // Nothing at the moment! I have a couple of books sitting on my shelf that need to be read, but I haven’t found the inspiration to crack either one of them open yet.

Watching // Old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy again. I stopped (very briefly) to binge-watch Orange is the New Black and now that I’ve finished the season I’m back to Grey’s.

Listening to // A lot of the Pop2K channel on Sirius XM. The channel takes me back to high school and while I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing it’s amusing to hear all the songs I loved once upon a time.

Loving // Listening to Isla read to herself. She’s come really far and I’m super proud of her wanting to read things on her own.

Thinking // That this smoke is lame and all I want to do is take the kids outside so they can burn off their sillies but I can’t. Ugh.

Needing // A sweater. With the smoke comes cooler weather and it’s August and I’m wearing jeans and needing a sweater to stay warm.

Looking forward to // Joe Rogan’s comedy show!

What are you currently watching, reading, or listening to?


Reading // “The End of Men” by Karen Rinaldi. I picked this book up for free through Kobo, and so far, I’m glad I did. I’ve thought about abandoning it but a part of me keeps hoping it gets better. Full disclosure: It’s a chick lit book and not about women empowerment. No bra-burning over here, people.

Watching // We just started watching “LA to Vegas” on a whim and it’s so oddly funny! Kyle and I have grown weary of our “other” 30-minute comedy show, and this one is refreshing! Plus, Vegas holds a special place in our hearts for whatever reason.

Listening to // The Pop2K channel on Sirius radio. Take me back to the early 2000’s!

Loving // The sunny weather we’re FINALLY having! Isla had a Pro-D day yesterday, so we walked to the school and played for an hour and it was glorious.

Thinking // A lot about Daphne. I just miss her so dang much.

Needing // Motivation to do my schoolwork. With the nice weather it’s hard to stay inside and study, but sunlight and computer screens do not mix! I wish I could just sit out in the sun and study at the same time.

Looking forward to // The Boogie the Bridge this weekend! Kyle’s running his first half marathon, Isla is doing the 1K Mini-Boogie, and I’m doing the 5K run. I’m hoping my legs hang in there for me!