Reading // Nothing at the moment! I have a couple of books sitting on my shelf that need to be read, but I haven’t found the inspiration to crack either one of them open yet.

Watching // Old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy again. I stopped (very briefly) to binge-watch Orange is the New Black and now that I’ve finished the season I’m back to Grey’s.

Listening to // A lot of the Pop2K channel on Sirius XM. The channel takes me back to high school and while I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing it’s amusing to hear all the songs I loved once upon a time.

Loving // Listening to Isla read to herself. She’s come really far and I’m super proud of her wanting to read things on her own.

Thinking // That this smoke is lame and all I want to do is take the kids outside so they can burn off their sillies but I can’t. Ugh.

Needing // A sweater. With the smoke comes cooler weather and it’s August and I’m wearing jeans and needing a sweater to stay warm.

Looking forward to // Joe Rogan’s comedy show!

What are you currently watching, reading, or listening to?


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