Tiny Happy Tuesday


Winter has a death grip on my spirits at the moment and I’m fairly certain it’s slowly sucking the fun and joy out of my life. In other words, it’s becoming harder to appreciate the bits of happiness that poke through.

Then yesterday Hillary decided she’d start this wonderful new series so fittingly called Tiny Happy Tuesday so she could dig deep, find and and post about the bits of happiness that lurk beneath the winter’s gloom. I couldn’t be happier to link up with this great idea, so without further ado, here are the tiny pieces of happy in my life right now:

  • Isla and Norah playing with each other and not fighting (for the most part).
  • Having a movie and dinner date with Kyle.
  • See also: Satisfying a bad craving for fish tacos at the pub during said date night.
  • Norah no longer needs/wants a bottle at bedtime. Hurray!
  • My tulips from the store are in full bloom and remind me that winter will leave eventually and that spring IS on its way.

Now it’s your turn: What’s making YOU happy today?



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