Party in your PJs!

I’m generally not one for going to the salon and getting a manicure. I don’t have the patience for waiting for the polish to dry; the last time I got a manicure I fudged up the polish as soon as I got into my car after my appointment. I left the polish on my toes and swore off manicures.

That is, until I was introduced last year to Jamberry! Since it’s a vinyl nail wrap, there’s no waiting around for polish to dry and I can give myself a gorgeous “Jamicure” in 15 minutes right from home! For me, they last longer than a regular manicure (about 10 days) which is obviously way longer than any manicure.


Even Isla loves Jamberry and is constantly asking for her nails to be done. She used to be a horrible nail-biter until I bought her wraps and applied them. Now she lets them grow so she can have pretty nails ;)

Anyway, the point of this post is to let you know that I am hosting an Online Jamberry Party on Facebook on Friday (March 3) from 7 to 8 pm PST. There will be games, prizes, and of course, the opportunity to learn more about Jamberry. It’s a “public” event, so feel free to click on the link above if you’d like to “attend” from the comfort of your own home! My consultant is a wonderful friend of mine and will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

And – a new catalogue was released today so you’ll be able to browse the brand new designs!

Full disclosure: All opinions on Jamberry are my own and I was not compensated by Jamberry or its affiliates for this post. I will, however, earn host rewards on all purchases made during my online party, which I can use to receive free and discounted Jamberry products.


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