Weekend Update

What a weekend our household had! Really, all the fun (if you can call part of it that) started Tuesday, but I’ll fast forward a bit to Thursday night …

{thursday} Norah decided that she’d chew on one of those round, cork, hot pot holders from Ikea Tuesday and stick the pieces up her nose. I pulled two pieces out with tweezers that night and thought I got them all. Nope. Fast-forward to Thursday evening, I’m giving her a bath and while washing her face she freaks out and starts sneezing after I wipe her nose. I look up her nostril (no easy feat since she’s now afraid from Tuesday’s incident) and bam – there’s still a chunk up one nostril. Really, you’d never guess something was wrong with her because she was breathing and sleeping normally. There was no way I was getting it so when Kyle got home from work I took Norah to the ER.


We waited around for about two hours before the doctor had the chance to look at her, but she was being so good. (Thank you, YouTube!) The ER doctor had to swaddle and sedate her since she was so fidgety (Can you blame her?), and he was unsuccessful in getting the piece out and referred us a specialist who was able to see us the next day.

{friday} I dropped Isla off with Kyle’s mom so I could take Norah to see the specialist. She was NOT HAPPY in the slightest to have more people holding her still and sticking things up her nose, but the ENT doctor (or, if you prefer the medical term, the otolaryngologist) was successful in removing the piece wedged up her nostril. Yay! She got to pick two treasures out of a big bin of “prizes” and we were happily on our way!

I had organized for a couple of Kyle’s friends to come stay the evening as part of Kyle’s birthday festivities (His birthday is tomorrow!), so Isla, Norah, and I decided we’d give them an estrogen-free dinner and headed to my mom’s. We came back home in time for bed and I got caught up on Grey’s and played way too much Xbox before turning in myself. (The boys stayed up waaaaaay late, lol)


Saturday morning sunrise!

{saturday} We had a relatively lazy day since the boys were feeling a little under the weather ;) In the afternoon Kyle and his buddy went for a drive with Isla to the candy store and Norah had a quick nap.

We ordered pizza for dinner because greasy food is the perfect hangover cure, and while Norah was picking her at her food we SWORE we saw her stick some of it up her nose. (The opposite of the one the specialist worked on.) Kyle helped hold her still while I looked up her nose, and there was definitely something up there, but I couldn’t get it. FML. We ended up plugging the opposite nostril and telling her to blow her nose, so she did, and after a few attempts ANOTHER piece of cork came out. FOR THE LOVE OF — !  I’m fairly certain that was the last piece, and I’m 100% sure that Norah is going to be the child that makes the grey hairs grow.

{sunday} Kyle made pancakes for breakfast (the best, according to Isla), and Norah and I eventually got to the grocery store to get our weekly shopping done. 

In the afternoon Isla had a birthday party to go to at the bowling alley, so we dropped Norah off at my mom’s. It was her first time bowling and she had a blast! 

We were exhausted by the end of the day and are looking forward to a quiet weekend next week! 

How was your weekend?? 

One thought on “Weekend Update

  1. OH my gosh, that is crazy about the little pieces up her nose!!! I’m so glad she’s OK and you got them all out. That made me think of the Friends episode where Chandler got the little toy lodged in his throat hehe. That is an eventful weekend for sure!



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