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  • Mother Nature appears to be showing her true female indecisiveness lately when it comes to the weather. Snow? Rain? Sun? More snow? MAKE UP YOUR MIND, WOMAN! That being said, after experiencing the Great Lower Mainland Snowstorm of 2017 earlier this month, it should be a provincial law that all vehicles, regardless of their geographical location, must have snow tires on their vehicles from October to April.
  • Back in the beginning of November there was a horrible accident not too far from my house and a young lady lost her life while waiting for the bus. It really shook me hard, even though I didn’t know the girl, because one day my kids will be the ones waiting innocently for the bus to arrive. A couple weeks ago I heard on the radio that a couple of young individuals are raising money to have a memorial bench installed at the bus stop where she was waiting, as well as at the nearby elementary school where she attended. I think it’s so amazing that a couple of kids have it in their hearts to do something like this. If you’d like to donate towards their cause, here is the link.
  • Sometimes, it’s great to offer your thoughts and opinions on matters that you can relate to. I always appreciate hearing stories from those who have similar experiences and fist-bumping in solidarity. However, those who cannot relate should probably STFU and keep their “neener neener” thoughts to themselves.
  • I don’t watch NASCAR at all, unless Ricky Bobby is driving, but Monster Energy has taken over sponsorship of Victory Lane. There was a little “news” blurb on my homepage that some people are outraged that the ladies of said Lane are dressed too scantily clad. As a sucker for ridiculousness, I clicked through and didn’t think they were dressed too scantily at all, no worse than any pop star these days. Sure, they had some serious cleavage going on, but as one Twitter commenter pointed out, so did their predecessors. And to the woman who tweeted that it was “too much” and that NASCAR is a family show, perhaps you should unfollow Ariana Grande, because if you listen to some of her song lyrics, they aren’t exactly wholesome
  • Last year, we had put an offer on a house another subject to the sale of our own. We had ours listed for about 2 weeks before our offer was bumped, so we took ours off the market. Since doing that, we’ve received three letters from other realtors in town trying to get us to list with them, with comments such as, “We see you didn’t sell.” While I just recycle the letters, they’re rather annoying and just go to show how vulture-like some salespeople can be.


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